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When choosing someone to clean carpeting, the consumer can become very confused. The prices vary as do the different methods. Each cleaner claims that his methods are best.

DRY CLEANING – There are 2 types, bonnet cleaning(chem dry) or dry compound cleaning(Host or Capture).

Bonnet Cleaning - a method where the carpet is vacuumed, then a solution is sprayed on top of the carpeting from a low pressure sprayer, then a cotton pad is attached to the bottom of a rotary machine and the carpeting tips are wiped with the bonnet. This method was developed for commercial carpet maintenance. It is now being sold as a annual cleaning method. There is no rinse in this method and it is not a deep cleaner, spots tend to resurface because it is more of a "tip cleaning method". This method is not effective on a carpet that is appreciably soiled.

Dry Compound Cleaning - a carpeting is vacuumed, a powder is scrubbed into the carpet and vacuumed again. This method also has no rinse. The powder that is used is very hard to vacuum out of the carpeting and a "build up " can occur after a few cleanings. Alot of residue remains in the carpeting and residue can attract soil.

Dry cleaning methods donot use a rinse. Rinsing is healthy, over the course of a year skin folicles, sweat, soil from outside, hair drops into the carpeting and is driven into the backing with foot traffic. If you donot rinse, these materials remain in your carpeting. When a carpet is appreciably soiled rinsing is required. Most carpet mills require the rinsing of the carpeting every 12 - 18 months to maintain your warranty.

These methods are similar to putting soap in your hair and wiping the soap off with a towel - sound like a good idea?

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