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If your carpeting has an issue with urine - don’t panic -
we may have a solution for you.

Sometimes man’s best friend is harder to love than we would like. When urine damage happens there is a potential solution. We recommend a soaking process. This is a process over and above our regular cleaning process, always for an additional fee, never included, never discounted.

This is a process for spots and small areas
not an overall process for the entire carpeting.

1. We clean and rinse the affected area.

2. Then saturate the affected area with an odor absorbing solution.

3. The area is left alone to allow for dwell time, so the solution can absorb the odor.

4. The area is then extracted with a pad extractor. This extracts moisture from the carpeting, pad, and even the floor beneath.

5. The area is re-cleaned and re-rinsed.

While we
do not guarantee odor removal we have had very good results with this process over the years. This process is a time and material process, very labor intensive. Meaning if the customer wants the process repeated, it can be repeated but the cost for the process is a per treatment cost, over and above the cleaning cost - so each time the process is done the same cost applies.

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