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Mrs. Fralicx
Riverside, IL

Mrs. Dunnell
River Forest IL

Mr. Castillo
La Grange IL

Mrs. Colletta
Bellwood IL

Mr. Hamilton
La Grange IL

Mrs. Duffek
Willowbrook IL

Mr. Gardner
Orland Park IL

Ananas East
Oak Park IL

Mr. Redding
La Grange IL

Property Manager Matt Chicago IL


Dunne Cleaning Specialists
3050 S. 25th Ave
Broadview, IL 60155

I would just like to compliment the two gentlemen who came to my house to clean my 80+ antique sofa and matching chair which I inherited from my grandparents. They also cleaned a reclining chair which my cat sprayed on. The men were very courteous, friendly, well groomed, clean, and acted in a very professional manner.

At first, I was quite concerned because of the age of the furniture. I could hardly believe my eyes when the furniture was done how beautiful the furniture looked!

I will refer anyone who needs your service to you because I know they won't be disappointed. Should I need furniture cleaning again, you can be sure you will hear from me.



Chicago Better Business Bureau
330 North Wabash Ave
Chicago IL 60611

Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc.
3050 S. 25th Ave
Broadview IL 60155
(708) 345-0922

On March 2nd, I had my annual scheduled carpet cleaning with Dunne Cleaning Specialists. I saw their ad in the neighborhood flyer several years ago, thought I would give them a chance and have not looked back since.

The gentleman who came out this year was the same agent as last year, very pleasant courteous and arrived timely! They were done with my living, dining, and hallways and at the last minute were willing to do my stairs when I asked. The gentleman calculated the bill, I paid them by check, figured I would correspond with them in another year when the carpet needed its cleaning.

Well, I could not believe the other day when I opened up the envelope and actually received a thirty two dollar refund check signed by Mr. Thomas Dunne because they had accidently over charged me. I was shocked to think that now a days, there could be such an honest, reliable and reputable small family business, but I am sure now I found a gem of a carpet cleaning company. I plan to recommend Dunne Cleaning Specialists in a heart beat if any of my friends are looking for a great carpet, upholstery, and air duct cleaning company.


K. V.
Westmont, IL


Dunne Specialists
3050 So. 25th Avenue
Broadview IL 60155

Thanks for a job well done. Your men were very professional and pleasant.

P. G.
Burr Ridge, IL


Mr. Thomas Dunne
Dunne Specialists
3050 So. 25th Avenue
Broadview IL 60155

Dear Mr. Dunne:

This past Tuesday afternoon, November 29th, Dunne Cleaning did a SUPER job in cleaning the carpeting in our condo. I AM VERY PLEASED!

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


La Grange, IL


Dunne Cleaning:

This morning your employees cleaned my carpets. I just want you know I was very impressed with them.

Both men were friendly, businesslike, well groomed and most importantly - they did an excellent job in cleaning my carpeting - I will use your company in the future.


Clarendon Hills, IL


Please tell Mr. Dunne how happy I was with the Duct Cleaning job, and the 2 gentlemen that did the cleaning.

Mrs. D
Oak Park, IL


I was very happy with the cleaning.

Norridge, IL


Mr. Dunne your crew did a wonderful job and they were 2 nice men.

Brookfield, IL


Very happy with carpet cleaning.

Berwyn, IL


Great job on cleaning!

Broadview, IL


The carpet and furniture came out very well.

Elmhurst, IL


Crew did a very nice job cleaning my carpeting.

Oak Brook, IL

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