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Clean your sofa now, clean for health and appearance

Cleanliness is so important nowadays. What could be more important to clean than the piece of furniture that we spend the most time in at home. Our sofa. We watch tv sitting in it. We take naps in it. We come home from work and sit in it. Today we may even be working while sitting in it. The point is we use our sofa probably more than anything except our bed. In our bed we change the sheets on a regular basis. What do you do to freshen up your sofa?

We can clean and rinse the fabric on your sofa and other pieces of upholstery. We are one of the few who have machines and soaps specifically designed specifically for furniture most companies just put an attachment on their carpet machine and use the same solutions for the furniture as the carpeting. We specialize in cleaning furniture and are one of the few that do.

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Holidays are fast approaching time to clean your upholstery

It's November so its time to get ready for the holidays. How does your upholstery looking? How is your favorite spot to sit and watch television look? Sofa looking its best? How many spills are there on your sofa. How does it smell after a year or 2 full of naps? We can help with all these things. A sofa will smell fresh and clean after we go to work on it. You should clean your upholstery annually. When guest are arriving do you want them to smell your furniture before they see it? Call today we can help.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has ben around for over 47 years and we believe in quality cleaning. If you want your furniture cleaned, not just wet down then call us. We will give you the best job possible. Our experienced and well trained crews will deliver superior work everytime. If your not satisfied just call and we will come back and reclean the areas or the entire piece if necessary at no charge.

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