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Easter is coming get your furniture looking clean and bright!

Easter is coming get your furniture looking clean and bright! Your guests are on the way. How is your furniture looking? Cleaning your furniture annually can help preserve the life of your furniture plus keep it looking its best. Rinsing all the sweat and dirt out will also keep it smelling fresh. Upholstery can start smelling not so fresh and you might not even notice because it happens so gradually but your guests might. Give Dunne Cleaning Specialists a call we can help 866-674-7790.

Giving local helps by hiring local. Nothing is more local than a family owned business. Dunne Cleaning employs 3 generations of family to keep your upholstery looking and smelling its best. We use safe products that clean and deodorize your fine furnishings safely. We tarp off the areas we are cleaning at. We give you the best in cleaning.

Call now to either schedule your furniture cleaning or to schedule your estimate 708-674-7790. We give free in home estimates. We are a no surprises company. We leave you clean, fresh smelling furniture. We have been cleaning furniture for many generations of our customers. We have worked hard for their trust and will never keep working to maintain it.

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Holidays are here and there is still time to get your furniture cleaned

How is your furniture looking? There is still time to get your furniture cleaned before the holidays, call now 708-345-0922. We can make your furniture fresh again. Your guest are arriving and your furniture can smell fresh and clean again. We use specialized equipment and soaps to give you the best job possible. Most cleaners simply put an attachment on their carpet cleaning machine. We specialize in the things we do. We also are family owned and operated by 3 generations since 1969.

When we say we are family owned we mean it. Family members do the actual cleaning we are proud to say. We have all grown up in the cleaning industry and take pride in our work. We give the same personal touch that Tom Dunne Sr gave on his first day, those many years ago, still today.
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Make Sure You Maintain Your Upolstery

Maintaining your upholstery is very important. Upholstery should be maintained on a regular basis. You sit in front of your TV after you have come home from work. You sweat during the day and this sweat is in your clothes. This sweat is then transferred onto your upholstery. You change your sheets on a regular basis. Do you clean your upholstery? How comfortable would you be with sleeping on the same sheets for a month let alone 2 years or longer? That is what you are doing with your upholstery. So clean your upholstery on a regular basis and stay clean. Clean is healthy.

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What is Lurking In Your Upholstery?

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How fresh does your Upholstery smell?

When was the last time you cleaned your upholstery. That sofa you sit on and watch television, how fresh is it? You work all day and then sit down in your favorite spot. Your cloths have sweat on them. The sweat transfers to the sofa or chair. After a time your furniture isn’t so fresh anymore. The holidays are fast approaching don’t you want your furniture to be at it’s best and smell great. You might not be able to smell your furniture but your guests will.

Upholstery should be cleaned every year and at least every 24 months according to manufacturers. We have more contact with our furniture than we have with our rugs and carpeting. Yet most people never clean their upholstery, ever. Upholstery can become dingy and wear out prematurely without proper maintenance. Get your furniture cleaned professionally every 12 to 24 months.

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