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Spring sale on Furniture Cleaning

Save 10% on furniture cleaning spring sale! We spend large portions of our time at home sitting on our furniture. Our dogs and cats sit there also. Cleaning your furniture on an annual basis is a healthy thing to do. We sweat through our clothes and this sweat gets into our furniture little by little altering the color. A smell gets into the furniture that we get used to. Dunne Cleaning can help.

We are one of the only companies that specializes in furniture cleaning. We have machines designed just for furniture cleaning. We cater the soaps we use to the fabric of your furniture. Most if not all of our competitors use a carpet cleaning machine to clean your furniture. They use the sam machine and the same soap. We wouldn't do that because to get the best results you need to cater your equipments and soaps to the fabrics your cleaning.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated by 3 generations of family since 1969.
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