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How is your is your furniture looking? We spend more time laying on our furniture than anything at home. If you have pets they are most likely laying right next to you. Over time your furniture takes a different look. Regular cleaning can help restore the look you originally purchased. Your furniture may even have some unpleasant odors going on that you have simply gotten used to. When we lay on our furniture we sweat through our clothes and this sweat attaches itself to our furnitures fabric. Our pets lay on our furniture and they sweat and attach their odors to the fabric.

Getting your furniture cleaned is healthy. Being trapped in your home over the winter in a home and laying on dirty furniture isn't the best way to stay healthy.
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We have over 55 years of experience we can give you the best job possible. We are also proud to say that we are family owned and operated by 3 generations of family. Your are not just a number to us we will treat you right and respect your home.
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How fresh does your Upholstery smell?

When was the last time you cleaned your upholstery. That sofa you sit on and watch television, how fresh is it? You work all day and then sit down in your favorite spot. Your cloths have sweat on them. The sweat transfers to the sofa or chair. After a time your furniture isn’t so fresh anymore. The holidays are fast approaching don’t you want your furniture to be at it’s best and smell great. You might not be able to smell your furniture but your guests will.

Upholstery should be cleaned every year and at least every 24 months according to manufacturers. We have more contact with our furniture than we have with our rugs and carpeting. Yet most people never clean their upholstery, ever. Upholstery can become dingy and wear out prematurely without proper maintenance. Get your furniture cleaned professionally every 12 to 24 months.

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