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Have pets? How often are they laying on your furniture?

Your pets constantly lay on your furniture. The oils in their skin attaches to the furniture. Odors from their bodies also attach themselves to your furniture. Annual cleaning help. You might not even smell the odors but your guest do. Let Dunne Cleaning help. We can clean and rinse your furniture. It will brighten up your room and make your room smell fresh and clean again. We are family owned and operated with over 50 years of experience. Call today 708-345-0922.

Our furniture cleaning services differ from other companies. How? We specialize in furniture cleaning. What does that mean? Most companies put an attachment on their carpet cleaning machine. They also use the same soap for the furniture as the carpeting. Carpet fibers and furniture fibers are different. They require different types of cleaners. Different types of machines to achieve the best results safely. We have always understood this at Dunne Cleaning Specialists. Thats why we are one of the most recommended companies in the western suburbs.

We give free in home estimates. We will look over your furniture and give you a price in writing. No bait and switch with us. We area no surprises company. Experience why other customers have used us for generations of family! Call now 708-345*-0922.

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