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Tile & Grout Cleaning is 20% off in January!!

Tile & Grout cleaning is 20% off in January this year! Tile and grout can get really dirty and a bucket and mop will only get you so far. Professional cleaning is the only way to truly clean your tile and grout. How do we do it? We start with spraying a solution down to loosen the soil in the tile and the grout. We then bring in a rotary scrubber to scrub the floor. We use hand brushes to scrub all the hard to reach areas. Then we use our tile blaster tool, which hooks to our truck mounted machine. This tool blasts a heated solution onto the tile and grout. The high pressure and heat do the work that the mop and bucket could not.

Tile should be professionally cleaned annually.
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Post Holiday Tile Cleaning Specials

How often should I clean my tile? To keep tile looking its best you should clean your tile and grout once per year. That mop and bucket just don't do the job that you would really want. The grout just doesn't come clean with a mop. Professional cleaning is the way to go. Mop and bucket keep up throughout the year the best the can but a professional cleaning is the only way to keep your tile and grout looking its best. Our professional system differs in that we spray a solution down on your tile to loosen soil and then we bring in a rotary scrubber to loosen soil on tile and grout lines. Then we use our high pressure heated truckmount to pressure wash your tile. This is a clean process inside your home. Tile is cleaned and rinsed. Tile and grout are clean and sparkling again.

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Clean Now and Save on Tile and Grout Cleaning

Clean in the winter and save! We are running 20% off tile and grout cleaning for the our post holiday special. January and February save 20% off tile and grout cleaning. Bucket and scrub brush and a lot of back breaking labor and your tile and grout still doesn't look right. Our high pressure truck mounted system will clean and brighten your tile and grout without all the back breaking labor and give you that fresh look again. Call today and have us come out and access your tile and give you a free in home estimate.

Tile and grout should be professionally cleaned once per year. This will keep the tile and grout looking its best instead of waiting until the grout looks just plain nasty. Let your tile look special again!

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Don't mop your tile call us! We will DEEP clean your tile.

Hard surfaces need professional cleaning as much as soft surfaces. A mop and a scrub brush will only take you so far. A high pressure, high heat power cleaning is the way to go. Grout lines and tiles can get very dirty over time. The mop bucket will only get you so far then its time to hire professional help. We have been in the business of pleasing our customers for over 46 years.

Pre scrubbing your grout and tile, then scrubbing your tile with our rotary scrubbing machine, then finally rinsing the tile at high pressure with high heat. Getting your
tile its cleanest. It's a clean process inside your home, no mess no fuss. All your surfaces can sparkle again!!

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