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Now is a great time to clean your air ducts!

Right now is a great time to clean your air ducts! Call today for a healthier home! We can come out and give you a free in home estimate. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is a no surprises company. We give the same personal touch today that we gave in 1969 when we started out of the basement using the family car. We believe in doing the highest quality of work combined with superior customer service. Call today for a free no obligation estimate 866-674-7790.

We are a full service duct cleaning company. What does that mean? Some companies just put a couple of attachments onto their carpet cleaning machines. We have a whole truck set up with
DUCT CLEANING EQUIPMENT. We do not use carpet cleaning equipment to clean air ducts. Some people think that when you use inferior equipment you just don't get as good a job as with real duct cleaning equipment. Nothing could be further from the truth. When using the wrong kind of equipment you end up with no cleaning, let me repeat no cleaning. The areas you can see appear to be cleaned, the areas you can't are exactly the same. If you are choosing a lesser company to save money you are better off not doing the work. When using a cheap company you would be better off throwing your money in the fire place.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated since 1969. We have 3 generations of family working here. We are also one of the most recommended companies in the western suburbs of Chicago. You can hire us with confidence.
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