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One week left for February 40% off In Plant Rug Cleaning

One week left for February 40% off In Plant Rug Cleaning! Bring your rug to us and save. We thoroughly clean and rinse rugs. Pet odors? No problem for an extra fee we can remove urine odors effectively. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in the cleaning industry for over 55 years. We will clean your rug safely and effectively. Give us a call when your ready to drop your rug off at our shop in Broadview 708-345-0922.

We employ many methods of cleaning in our rug cleaning plant. We have full submersion methods for urine damaged rugs. We also have many dry cleaning methods for delicate rugs. Not all rugs need to be cleaned the same way, with the same soaps. We tailor our method of cleaning for each individual rug. Safely is what we put first in all our cleaning decisions. Our over 50 years of experience in the cleaning industry gives us an advantage over others.

Call for a free estimate. We can give you up front pricing with no surprises.
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Clean our rugs and save with our winter specials

We are having a 40% Off cash and carry sale on in plant rug cleaning. This is our 51st year in business. We will take care of your rugs and return them to you clean and ready to use. We inspect your rugs first and then we put all rugs through a thorough rug dusting procedure to remove as much dry soil as possible. Rugs are cleaned and rinsed, spots and stains worked on. Rugs are groomed. Hung to dry. After drying they are brought down rolled and wrapped.

51 years in business and we use all our experience to care for your rugs.
Call today 708-345-0922 we can pick up your rugs or you can bring them into our facility for a discount.

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Holidays approaching clean your rugs!

When did you last clean your rugs? Can't remember then you're probably due for a thorough cleaning. In home cleaning can not do the job that your rugs need for longevity. Rugs need a thorough dry soil removal to keep them from breaking down. In home vacuums, no matter the manufacturer claims can not accomplish this. A professional rug cleaner with a rug dusting procedure can accomplish this.

What is rug dusting? Rug dusting is a process where a rug is laid upside down on top of some grates. A rug dusting machine gently beats the back of the rug and the dirt falls from the rug through the grates onto the floor. Then a vacuum with a beater brush is run over the backing. The rug is turned over and and then a pile lifter vacuum is run over the face yarn. This is all accomplished before the actual cleaning.

Dry soil can really damage a rug and have it not have the service life it could if the rug had been properly maintained. Dry soil can become trapped in a rug and when you walk across your rug the dry soil can move around and cut the fibers. Have your rugs cleaned annually to keep them looking their best.
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You can drop off your rugs at our cleaning facility or have us pick your rugs up, clean the rugs and return them to you.

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Rug cleaning annually keeps your rugs at their best

When did you last get your oriental or area rugs cleaned? Your fine furnishings should be cleaned annually. Rugs are always better to clean off site at a professional facility rather than on the floor in your home. Rugs can trap a lot of dirt. Dirt that is trapped in rugs can add up over time. Vacuum cleaners are not as effective on rugs as they are on carpeting. Wool fibers are not smooth fibers like nylon. The less smooth fiber can really hold the dirt and prevent your vacuum from doing a good job. Over time the dirt can build up in your rug and even add up to several pounds.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists does a thorough rug dusting before we clean your rugs. This removal of dry soil greatly enhances the cleaning and helps extend the life of your rugs. Rugs are cleaned and rinsed. Our 50 years of experience give s you what you need in a rug cleaner.
Call today we would love to clean for you.

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How has man's best friend treated your area rugs?

Man's best friend can be hard to love at times. While our pets can be great companions, they can have some accidents along the way. These accidents can happen on our expensive floor coverings like our area rugs. When this occurs it's important to blot up the area immediately. How to blot? I would get a roll of paper towels and a garbage can. Fold the towels and place them on the effected area. Stand on the towels and allow the moisture to go into the towel. When towels have absorbed the liquid - throw the towels into the garbage can. Keep repeating until the towels are dry. Then I would use a solution of a tablespoon of dish soap into a glass of water. apply the solution to the affected area. let sit for a little bit and then repeat the blotting.

If this does not help then the area rug will have to be taken in to a professional who does a soaking process. This process gives a thorough rinsing and cleaning. It is a more expensive process so the worth of the rug is important. This process while not guaranteed has been proven to be quite effective.

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Rug Dusting can preserve your rugs and make them last longer

In Plant rug cleaning is the best way to clean your rugs. Cleaning your area rugs on the floor in your home is just not the most professional way to clean them. The care that rugs need cannot be applied in the home. Rug cleaning should be a multi step process. A true rug cleaning multi step process needs to include rug dusting. Dry soil removal is a very important part of the rug cleaning process.

Dirt gets trapped in the backing of wool rugs. Wool under the microscope is a very jagged fiber. Wool is not a smooth fiber like nylon. The jagged part of the fiber can help keep dirt trapped in the rug. Your regular vacuuming can have a hard time getting the dirt out of a rug. A professional process is what it takes.

If you don't get the dry soil out of your rug that soil can damage your rug by cutting the fibers like little knives and allowing dirt to fill in to the inner portion of the fibers. The more the dirt fills into the inner portion of the fiber the harder the rug is to clean and the sooner the rug can ugly out.

Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists for the best in rug cleaning. We give discounts for rugs that are dropped off at our shop + we also have rug pick up service. We can pick your rugs up and also relay them for you.

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