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New Happenings at Dunne Cleaning Specialists Rug Cleaning Facilities

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is first rebranding our rug cleaning services as Dunne Area Rug Cleaning. This is a change that has been long time coming. We have been cleaning rugs from around the world for over 50 years. Over the last 60 days we have upgraded our facilities to better serve you our customer. We are proud to say we now boast the most modern rug cleaning equipment in the western suburbs! Most rug cleaning facilities have equipment developed in the 50's. The equipment is based on your great grandmothers washing machine. Rugs are washed and rinsed and then fed through a set of rollers to wring out the rug. This process can leave a rug very wet, especially fringes. This can make a rug more vulnerable during the drying phase. Our modern equipment abandons the wringer and replaces it with a centrifuge like your modern washing machine like you buy today. The rug is spun at 1200 rpm's extracting the majority of the water out and also has a rinse cycle as part of the centrifuge process flushing fresh water through the rug and out the centrifuge. Rugs that are put through a drying process with a centrifuge are practically dry when the leave the centrifuge. Most rugs leave the centrifuge registering less than 1% moisture on a moisture meter. We can clean and dry your rug making for a thorough cleaning and safety during the drying process. Call today 708-345-0922.

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Big announcements Coming! We are so excited we can't wait to tell everyone!

Some Big Announcements Coming over the next few months!! Dunne Cleaning hasn't been sitting on our laurels during this pandemic. We have been investing in our company to improve our services and grow! We believe in our 52 year old company and are so thankful for the continued support of our great customers who continue to use us! So stay tuned its full speed ahead for Dunne Cleaning big things coming! #dunnecleaning #rugcleaning #westernspring #lagrange #OakBrook #hinsdale #burrridge #riverside #elmhurst #oakpark #riverforest #darien #westmont #downersgrove

Rugs Cleaned & Sanitized for Health

Have your rugs cleaned and sanitized for health at our rug cleaning facility. We are running a 25% off cash and carry coupon now! Take the first steps towards a healthy home by calling today 708-345-0922! Rugs are cleaned and rinsed with fresh water. Cleaned and sanitized. Hung to dry and then groomed, wrapped in brown paper.

You can save 25% or you can have us do the work for you where we come your home roll up your rug bring it to our facility clean and sanitize your rug and then return it to and relay it. The choice is yours.

Call today for a free estimate 708-345-0922.
Its the first step to a healthier home!

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Post Holiday Rug Cleaning Specials

Save 40% off on in plant rug cleaning when you bring your rugs to us and pick them up yourself after cleaning! This is our best sale of the year! Get your rugs cleaned today for our best prices of the year. We are in our 51st year of business you can trust us with your expensive floor coverings. We clean all rugs by hand.

Bring your rugs to us now and save big!
Call now today if you have any questions 708-345-0922. We believe in only doing the finest work possible and superior customer service. Rugs are put through a thorough dry soil removal process and then cleaned by hand. Rugs dried then reinspected. Any rug that requires more cleaning will be reclined at no additional charge. All work gauranteed if you are unhappy just bring the rug back and we will reclean it.

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Save 40% on cash and carry rug cleaning in January!

Biggest sale of the year at Dunne Cleaning Specialist! In plant rug cleaning is 40% off for cash and carry customers! Bring your rug to us for cleaning and receive 40% off! Rugs should be cleaned annually. Our thorough in plant process will keep your rugs looking their best and extend the service life of your rugs. We provide a thorough dry soil removal process before we even begin the cleaning process. Soil can get trapped deep in wool rugs. A dusting procedure is what is needed to get out this deep impacted soil. This deep impacted soil can damage wool fibers if left in your rug. Vacuuming will help but not elevate this process.

Rugs are cleaned and rinsed. Fringe is cleaned and rinsed by hand. Rugs are groomed. They are returned to you wrapped in paper. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. We have the experience to do the job right.
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Winter Rug Cleaning Specials

Rug cleaning is 40% off for cash and carry customers this month. If you haven't had your rugs cleaned in a year of more now is the time. This is our best pricing of the year. We have been in the rug cleaning business for almost 50 years. We will take care of your expensive floor coverings. We inspect all rugs before cleaning. Then we put the rugs through a thorough rug dusting procedure. After the rug dusting procedure the rugs are cleaned and rinsed. Spots and stains are worked on. Rugs are groomed and then placed in our drying area. After rugs are dried they are wrapped in brown paper.

We believe in doing a high quality job. We are family owned and operated.
Call today with any questions you might have.

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