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Get your rugs cleaned in plant thoroughly

Get your rugs cleaned in plant thoroughly. In plant cleaning is the most thorough type of rug cleaning. We do a thorough dusting of your rug. This is a very thorough dry soil removal process. Your vacuum can only get so much dry soil out. We then clean and rinse your rugs. Rugs are groomed and hung for the final drying process. We have many different processes for cleaning rugs. Rugs take special care and there isn't one process for all rugs. We cater the process to the rug. Call today for a free estimate 866-674-7790.

After over 55 years in the cleaning industry we are good at what we do. We have a great reputation and are very proud of it. Family owned and operated by 3 generations since 1969. While we have been in the cleaning business for over 55 years we also boast some of the most modern technology in the area for rug cleaning. We are constantly upgrading and keeping up with our education and the latest trends in rug cleaning.

We have a shop where you can drop off your rugs or we can pick them ups for you and save you the labor of rolling your rugs up and re placing them from where the rugs came from. The choice is yours. Of course there are big savings if you bring your rugs into us.
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Clean your rugs now in our cleaning plant, post holiday specials running right now!

Clean your rugs now, post holiday specials running right now! Best savings of the year! Protect your rug investment with cleaning. Dunne cleaning has over 55 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We can safely clean your oriental and area rugs. Call today for a free in home estimate 708-345-0922.

In plant cleaning of rugs is the most thorough way to clean a rug. We have cleaned thousands for rugs over the years. We can clean your rug effectively and safely. Dunne Cleaning has many methods to choose from. We choose the method and clean your rugs to the best of our abilities. Rugs are put through a thorough dry soil removal process before any cleaning is performed.

We are family owned and run by 3 generations.
Call today 708-345-0922 for pricing. We can also pick up your rugs, and redeliver them after cleaning. Bring them in and save some money or let us do all the work.


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In Plant Rug cleaning is the way to go!

The best way to clean area rugs is an implant service, meaning the rug goes to our facility. What is the difference? Cleaning plants have superior methods for removing dry soil. We use a rug dusting procedure to prepare your rugs for cleaning. This procedure entails laying your rugs face down on top of some grates which elevate the rug above the floor. The rug dusting machine then agitates your rug loosening the dirt and the dirt falls from the rug through the grates to the floor. We then use a beater brush vacuum on the backing and a pile lifter vacuum on the face yarn.

Rugs are then cleaned in a number of different methods according to the type of rug. We don't have just one method for all rugs. Rugs need to be inspected individually and cleaned with the appropriate method. We give each rug the type of cleaning it needs. Rugs are then cleaned and rinsed with the appropriate method. Some rugs will be dry cleaned.

Rugs are then hung to dry in our drying area. After drying they are reinspected. If more cleaning is needed we will re clean the rug if not then the rug is rolled and wrapped.
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Rugs Cleaned & Sanitized for Health

Have your rugs cleaned and sanitized for health at our rug cleaning facility. We are running a 25% off cash and carry coupon now! Take the first steps towards a healthy home by calling today 708-345-0922! Rugs are cleaned and rinsed with fresh water. Cleaned and sanitized. Hung to dry and then groomed, wrapped in brown paper.

You can save 25% or you can have us do the work for you where we come your home roll up your rug bring it to our facility clean and sanitize your rug and then return it to and relay it. The choice is yours.

Call today for a free estimate 708-345-0922.
Its the first step to a healthier home!

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Don't let man's best friend accident on your favorite rug ruin your day - we can help

Animals can be hard to love from time to time. Rugs that have had man's best friend have an accident on them can need special attention. Dunne Cleaning has a soaking process to help allevaite odor problems. We put each and every rug through a rug dusting process, which is a thorough dry soil removal process. Rugs are thoroughly rinsed to begin with the flush as much of the urine out as possible. Then the rugs are soaked in an odor absorbing solution, designed to break down the urine crystals. Rugs are then rinsed again. After the second rinsing we then shampoo both sides of your rugs with a deodorizing shampoo. Clean and rinse the rug a third time. Rugs are then hung to dry.

After the rug is dry it is inspected again. If it needs more cleaning we do it. If not the rug is taken down, rolled and wrapped up in brown paper.
Call today 708-345-0922 for a free estimate. Sales are occurring right now see our offers!

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