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In Plant Rug Cleaning 25% Off on cash and carry rugs this month!

In Plant Rug Cleaning is 25% off on cash and carry rugs this month. In plant rug cleaning is much more thorough than in home cleaning. While we do both, in home cleaning of rugs is a very convenient process for not having to lose your rugs for 10 - 14 days it is not comparable to in plant cleaning. Why? In home cleaning consists of us shampooing your rug to loosen and suspend soil and then steam rinsing your rug, grooming your rug and leaving it in place to dry. This can give you a good cleaning but not comparable to in plant clean which has multiple steps.

In plant cleaning at Dunne Cleaning Specialists consists of first an inspection of your rug where we can evaluate the best processes and what is the best kind of soap for your rug. There are many types of processes we do for each individual rug. All rugs are put through a rug dusting procedure. This process removes as much dry soil as possible before we start the cleaning.

Rugs with urine issues are recommended to go through an additional process to help eliminate the odors in your rug. A simple cleaning will not remove urine decontamination. We recommend a soaking process and a cleaning with special soaps to help with this issue. Extra rinsing and a spin through our modern centrifuge to rinse and extract urine and other contaminants from your rug. Our modern equipment and processes do an excellent job on rugs with odors.

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Rug cleaning on sale!

Rug cleaning is on sale! Get 40% cash and carry rugs! If you bring in your rug for cleaning in January you can save 40% off the cleaning price, $25.00 minimum per rug. We are a 54 year old family owned and operated company that employs 3 generations of family. Rugs can be cleaned with many types of methods depending on each rug. We evaluate all rugs and determine the best and safest type of cleaning for each rug. All rugs put through thorough dusting procedure to remove as much dry soil as possible.

This is the best time of year to clean your rugs we won't run a better sale than now!
Call today 708-345-0922. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has over 50 years of pleasing our customers and we know we can give your rugs the cleaning they deserve!

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Fall Rug Cleaning Sale going on now!

In Plant Rug cleaning sale going on right now! Rug cleaning is 25% off on cash and carry rug cleaning. Bring your rug in between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm and receive a 25% discount! Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. We will safely clean and sanitize your rugs. Our in plant process cleans and rinses your rug thoroughly. We tailor the process to your rug. Not all rugs will be cleaned the same. Some rugs will need to be cleaned by hand others in or modern rug washing machine. We look over and treat each rug as it should be.

If you don't have the ability to bring in your rugs we have a service that can roll up your rugs and take them into our rug cleaning plant, clean your rugs, bring them back and relay them.
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Spring Sale on In Plant Rug Cleaning

We are having a 25% Off Rug Cleaning Sale! Bring your rugs to us and save 25%! Dunne Cleaning is family owned and operated since 1969 by 3 generations. We believe in performing high quality of work. Rugs are put through a thorough rug dusting procedure to remove as much dry soil removal as possible. After the dry soil removal process we start the cleaning process. Some rugs are put through our modern rug washing machine others are hand cleaned. We use the process and solutions best suited for each fiber.

We try and tailor our services to each rug individually. Different rugs need to be cleaned differently. Dunne Cleaning can give your rug the individual care it needs. Bring your rugs to us and let us renew them today!

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How in plant cleaning on rugs differs from in home cleaning.

Fall is almost here! Time to start thinking about getting some cleaning done. Weather will be changing soon. Time to call up your local rug cleaner, Dunne Cleaning g, and have him come out and pick up your rugs for cleaning or save some money and bring them in yourself. Cleaning in our shop greatly differs from cleaning in your home. We put rugs through a thorough rug dusting procedure first. this removes the dry soil that is typically trapped in your rug. This type of soil is very difficult to get out. A regular vacuum cleaner is not particularly effective at removing the trapped dirt. Where rug dusting differs is a rug is laid face down on top of some grates. The rug is elevated ion the grates above the floor. The rug dusting machine agitates the backing of the rug. This makes the dirt fall out of the rug through the grates to the floor. The rug backing is then vacuumed with a vacuum with a beater brush. We then flip the rug over and vacuum the face yarn with a pile lifter vacuum.

We believe this process does the most thorough job removing dry soil. Then we start the cleaning process where rugs are cleaned and rinsed. Fringe cleaned and rinsed by hand. Spots worked on to attempt removal. Rugs groomed and then hung to dry. Rugs are taken down after the drying process has completed. Then re inspected. More cleaning is given if needed if not rugs a wrapped in brown paper for delivery or customer pick up.

We believe this to be the most thorough job.
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Clean and sanitize your rugs and save 25%

Now is a great time to clean your rugs. We can do curbside pick up if you bring the rugs to us. We are running a 25% off on rug cleaning right now. If you need your rugs picked up. Our crews wear gloves, masks and shoe covers. Your safety as well as our safety is extremely important. We can clean and sanitize your rugs Dunne Cleaning Specialists is an essential business. We will keep doing the same high quality of work we have been doing for the last 51 years.

Rug maintenance is important if you plan on keeping your rug investment looking its best and lasting its longest. The first step to keeping a rug in top shape is a thorough dry soil removal process. Weekly vacuuming is important and without it you can cause your rug to "ugly out". Rugs can ugly out before they wear out. Let our professional services keep your rug from ungluing out. We do a through rug dusting to remove as much dry soil as possible before we even start the cleaning.

After over 50 years we know how to clean rugs safely. We know how to give you the kind of cleaning your rugs need on an annual basis. Call today to schedule a pick up 866-674-7790 or drop your rugs off at our location in Broadview, at 3050 S. 25th Ave - Suite C. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00pm, Saturday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

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Don't let man's best friend accident on your favorite rug ruin your day - we can help

Animals can be hard to love from time to time. Rugs that have had man's best friend have an accident on them can need special attention. Dunne Cleaning has a soaking process to help allevaite odor problems. We put each and every rug through a rug dusting process, which is a thorough dry soil removal process. Rugs are thoroughly rinsed to begin with the flush as much of the urine out as possible. Then the rugs are soaked in an odor absorbing solution, designed to break down the urine crystals. Rugs are then rinsed again. After the second rinsing we then shampoo both sides of your rugs with a deodorizing shampoo. Clean and rinse the rug a third time. Rugs are then hung to dry.

After the rug is dry it is inspected again. If it needs more cleaning we do it. If not the rug is taken down, rolled and wrapped up in brown paper.
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Save Now on Oriental Rug Cleaning

The holidays have finally past. The rug cleaning sale at Dunne Cleaning has started. Call today and save 40%!!!! The holidays have beat up your home so now is the time to clean and save some money. A thorough cleaning with a company that has experience that you need with oriental rugs. You can’t take an oriental rug to an amateur. This is how you get your rug ruined. Dunne Cleaning has half a century dealing with oriental rugs. Your expensive floor coverings will be safe with us.

Call us today and take advantage of our large discounts this time of year. Rugs should be maintained annually. Dirt can pile up inside an oriental rug. This soil can act like knives on the rug fibers and cut and damage the fibers, especially in the traffic patterns. This can damage a rug and lead to premature replacement.

Let us help you avoid premature replacement. Drop your rugs off today and get the thorough cleaning your rugs deserve.

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Clean for Health & Cleanliness
Oriental rugs aren’t our most prized possessions