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Spring time means rug cleaning time!

Spring time is nearly upon us and now is a great time to get started on spring cleaning. Send your rugs out and have them professionally cleaned! We can put your rugs through a dusting procedure and then clean and rinse them thoroughly. Cleaning and rinsing your rugs will help make sure that they stay looking clean and bright. Cleaning helps extend the life of your rug investment. Dunne Cleaning has been in cleaning industry since 1969. Our greatest asset is that we have 3 generations of Dunne's cleaning at our family owned company. We are very proud of our more than 50 year legacy. Call today for a free estimate 708-345-0922.

We have many methods of cleaning for rugs. Rugs need to be cleaned uniquely for their fabric. Some rugs may require a special soap, some may need a less aggressive method, and some rugs may need a dryer method. All rugs are inspected and evaluated for which is the best method of cleaning for the rug. We treat each and every rug individually.

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Family Owned and Operated Since 1969

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Clean your area rugs today!

Dunne Area Rug Cleaning is a division of Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc. Rug Cleaning is what we do! We have been cleaning for over 50 years. Dunne Area Rug Cleaning is family owned and operated by 3 generations. We take pride in our work. Trust us with your expensive rugs and experience our beautiful results!

We provide pick up and delivery and give a discount for those that want to drop off and pick up their rugs. One of the most important part of rug cleaning is the rinsing! We clean and RINSE your rug. We work on all spots to attempt removal. Mans best friend not behaving? Let us take care of it.
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February Rug Cleaning Special 40% off Cash and carry rugs cleaning

Rugs should be professionally cleaned annually. What does professional cleaning consist of? One of the most important things a professional rug cleaner can do is a thorough dry soil removal process. This process consists of a rug dusting procedure. What a rug dusting procedure consists of is a machine that agitates the dirt out of the backing of your rugs. How this is accomplished is rugs are played down, upside down on top of some grates. The grates elevate the rugs above the floor. The rug dusting machine is run over the backing and the rug dusting machine gently agitates the rug and the dirt drops from the rugs backing through the grates onto the floor. This $5000.00 machine does the work that your vacuum cleaner can't. The rugs backing is then vacuumed with a beater brush vacuum. The rug is flipped over and a pile lifter vacuum is used to vacuum the face yarn. These steps are all completed before the actual cleaning takes place.

A thorough dry soil removal process is key to superior results.
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When your rug got wet did the fringe turn red?

When your rug got wet did the fringe turn red? Bring your rug into our cleaning plant and we may be able to fix that. The real key to getting red out of fringe is not really in removing the red but in not destroying the fringe while removing the red dye. It isn’t that difficult for the average professional to remove red dye from fringe. What is difficult is neutralizing what you use to remove the red dye from the fringe.

This skill will separate the amateur from a professional. If you don’t neutralize the stripping agent the fringe will eventually breakdown. The stripping agent will continue to work until the fringe dissolves. So make sure when you have a fringe problem you have someone who knows what they are doing working on your rug.

Not all fringe problems can be corrected, sometimes you need to consider either liking with they issue or replacing the fringe.

When you nee help with your fringe
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