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Clean your rugs In Plant at our facility

What makes rug cleaning better in plant at our shop rather than your home? Rug cleaning in the home can give you a decent job but is not comparable to in plant. Why? In the home we do what's called a top down cleaning. A top down cleaning is not the same as a real in plant cleaning. Why? When we perform a top down cleaning we are using our truckmounted carpet cleaning machine. We use a cleaning want that injects a heated solution into the carpeting that loosens the soil and then extracts loosened soil with the vacuum. This is a highly effective solution for tacked down carpeting and especially nylon carpeting. On an in plant cleaning we are going to put your rug through several processes meant to help extend the service life of your rug and to give your rug the most thorough cleaning possible.

We start every in plant process with an inspection of your rug to determine what exactly needs to be done to achieve the best results while keeping safety in mind. All rugs are put through a thorough rug dusting procedure. Step one is remove as much dry soil as possible. We take your rug and put it on top of some grates and run the rug dusting machine over the backing to loosen the soil so it falls from the rug to the floor. The secret to the dusting procedure is having the rug elevated above the dirt. That way the rug is not sitting in its own dirt. Then we use a vacuum with a beater brush to vacuum the back of the rug. We then flip the rug and use a pile lifter vacuum for the face yarn. This process can sometimes be repeated multiple times to make sure the rug has as much dry soil removed as possible.

Then we choose from many cleaning processes to use the best one for your rug anywhere from our rug cleaning machine, to hand cleaning, to dry cleaning. We choose the method that best suits your rug.
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Don't let your rugs ugly out.

Without proper care your valuable rugs can ugly out. What is proper care? Proper care consists of professional cleaning. Professional cleaning in the rug industry should always have a dry soil removal process as a first step in the cleaning process. Soil gets trapped deep down in your rug, especially in wool rugs. Vacuuming alone cannot effectively remove all the soil deposits. In Dunne Cleaning Specialists rug cleaning plant we use a dusting procedure. This is a specialized process for removing deep down trapped soil in oriental rugs. We have found it to be the best way to remove trapped soils in wool in particular. The process starts with rugs being laid down on the grates upside down. A rug dusting machine is then run over the backing. The rug dusting machine then gently agitates the backing causing it to release the soil. The soil then drops through the grates with the rug having above the soil not on top of the soil or in the soil. We then run a vacuum with a beater brush in the backing. The rug is then flipped over and a pile lifter vacuum is then used to vacuum and comb the face yarn to complete the process. This process is done before the real cleaning has begun.

Complete cleaning is what we do at Dunne Cleaning Specialists.
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Get your rugs cleaned professionally today!

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is a 50 year old company that specializes in cleaning of oriental and area rugs. Rugs are cleaned and rinsed and come back to wrapped in paper. We take care of all kind of problems on rugs. Urine issues? Give us a call we have a soaking process we can do in addition to the cleaning. Odors can become deeply impacted into rugs. A regular cleaning probably won't get the job done. We thoroughly rinse your rug with fresh water and then prepare a bath for each individual rug where the rug is soaked in an odor absorbing solution that bonds with the urine salts. Your rug is thoroughly rinsed. The rug is then shampooed with a deodorizing shampoo on both sides. The cleaning process starts now. Rugs are then hung to dry. After drying rugs are inspected to see if other services are necessary.

This is a process which has helped alleviate so many urine problems. If you have a urine problem with your expensive rug just let us know and we can take care of it for you!
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Rugs can hold a lot of dirt - get your rugs professionally cleaned

Rugs can hold quite a bit dirt can collect dirt over the course of the year. Vacuuming can only pull so much dirt out of your rugs with a vacuum in the home. Several pounds of dirt can become trapped in wool rugs. This dirt that becomes trapped can be dangerous to the longevity of your rugs. This dirt can act like small knives and cut carpet fibers and wear those fibers out prematurely. Wool under a microscope is a very jagged fiber. This jagged fiber can hold dirt and make it very difficult to be removed by a household vacuum. Professional rug dusting is a much more effective way to remove dry soil. This type of procedure cannot be performed in the home. Get your rugs cleaned professionally every year.

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. You can trust your expensive floor coverings to us.
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Only way to clean rugs is in a cleaning facility not the home

Cleaning rugs can be a tricky business. For the best results and safety of the rugs the best way to clean rugs is at a cleaning facility where you take the rugs to the professional cleaner or have them picked up and delivered. In a cleaning facility they can do many things that cannot be done in your home. Rugs can and should be dusted annually, not just vacuumed but dusted. You cannot dust rugs in the home, only at a cleaning facility. The equipment is quite large.

Rug dusting is when you lay a rug upside down and a rug dusting machine is run over the back of the rug to loosen the impacted soil in the rug. Soil gets trapped in rug backings and vacuum cleaners can't get the rug to release the dirt like a dusting machine can. This dirt drops from the rug through the grates. The rug is sitting on top of the grates above the dirt. Then a beater brush vacuum is run over the backing to clean the backing. Rugs are then flipped over and a pile lifter vacuum is used on the face yarn.

Rugs are then cleaned and rinsed. Spots worked on. Rugs are groomed and hung to dry. After drying rugs are brought down and inspected. Additional cleaning is done if necessary. If rug is deemed ready it is wrapped in brown paper ready to be returned to you.

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