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Clean your rugs annually with a pro

When was the last time you had your rugs professionally cleaned? Your answer depends on what you mean by professionally cleaned. We define professional cleaning as a multi step method that begins with a rug dusting procedure. Rug dusting is very important and cannot be done in the home only at a cleaning plant. Getting all the dust and debris out of a wool rug is the first thing we do. This will not only help get your rug the cleanest but will also improve the longevity of your rug investment. Next we choose the best method to clean your rug. The method may include using our modern rug washing machine and centrifuge, it may have us washing by hand and then using the centrifuge or even using a low moisture method. All rugs will be evaluated and cleaned with the appropriate method.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we a re a highly recommended company that has been around over 50 years. Many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside. Our secret is our customers are the most important thing we have. It was true when Thomas Dunne Sr started this company out of his basement in 1969 and it still rings true today.
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When was the last you cleaned your rugs?

When was the last time you cleaned your rugs? Cleaning is cheaper than replacement. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around over 50 years. We believe in delivering high quality cleaning and superior customer service. Rugs are dusted, cleaned and rinsed in our modern cleaning plant. Have pet issues? We can help. We deliver superior results so you can keep coming back and recommending us to your friends. Call today 708-345-0922.

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Save Now on Oriental Rug Cleaning

The holidays have finally past. The rug cleaning sale at Dunne Cleaning has started. Call today and save 40%!!!! The holidays have beat up your home so now is the time to clean and save some money. A thorough cleaning with a company that has experience that you need with oriental rugs. You can’t take an oriental rug to an amateur. This is how you get your rug ruined. Dunne Cleaning has half a century dealing with oriental rugs. Your expensive floor coverings will be safe with us.

Call us today and take advantage of our large discounts this time of year. Rugs should be maintained annually. Dirt can pile up inside an oriental rug. This soil can act like knives on the rug fibers and cut and damage the fibers, especially in the traffic patterns. This can damage a rug and lead to premature replacement.

Let us help you avoid premature replacement. Drop your rugs off today and get the thorough cleaning your rugs deserve.

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Clean for Health & Cleanliness
Oriental rugs aren’t our most prized possessions