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In Plant Rug Cleaning on Sale!

Call today 708-345-0922, In Plant Rug Cleaning on Sale! When was the last time you had your rugs professionally cleaned? When I say professionally cleaned I don't mean on your floor at home I mean a real cleaning plant? Cleaning in home and cleaning in plant are two totally different types of cleaning. In plant is just a more thorough process that can't be beat. It is a multistep method of cleaning.

The most through cleaning of rugs is done in plant. If you have pets and have some "issues" the only real way to solve those issues is in plant. Your pet can be mans best friend but maybe not your homes best friend. We can help. Our in plant services has cured many a rug with pet issues. We love our pets too and can help when a pet has't been friendly with your rug.

We are available to help Monday thru Saturday. We keep your rugs 10 - 14 days and return them fresh and clean.
Call today for a free estimate 708-345-0922.

For more information on our rug cleaning services click here.

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