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Get your rugs cleaned in our cleaning plant before the sale is over!

Get your rugs cleaned in our cleaning plant before the sale is over! Rugs can take quite a beating over the year. Rugs hold more dirt than carpeting. The jagged wool fiber just seems to latch onto dirt and hold onto dirt. Our in plant cleaning services tend to help release the dirt. We don't just vacuum your rugs we have high end industrial equipment to dust your rugs. Rug dusting can remove the trapped in particles that your vacuum doesn't remove. This is the first step remove as much dry soil as possible before the cleaning.

Next your rug is inspected and the cleaning process will be determined. We offer multiple ways to clean your rugs. From full submersion cleaning to dry cleaning. Rugs are evaluated and the best cleaning method for your rug will be determined. Fiber type and safety will be the determining factors. We inspect all rugs during the drying process and will re clean or give additional work to those rugs that require it.

We strive to give you the best in cleaning. We cannot guarantee all spots and stains will come out but we do guarantee to do our best to clean your rugs. Dunne Cleaning has been in business since 1969. We are family owned and operated for over 55 years by 3 generations of family.
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Family owned and operated by 3 generations
"Since 1969"


What is your plan for maintaining your rugs?

Rugs are an investment. How are you maintaining your rug investment? What is the plan for cleaning? The best place to clean rugs is at a facility dedicated to rug cleaning. Dunne Cleaning has been in the rug cleaning business for over 50 years. We know how to clean your rug right. No reason to send your rug to ammeters that clean a rug here and there. We clean many rugs every week. We will clean your rug right the first time. Call today 708-345-0922.

We use a thorough dry soil removal process as part of our cleaning procedure. Rugs are cleaned and rinsed by hand. Fringe is cleaned and rinsed by hand. Rugs are then put in our drying area to be thoroughly dried. After the drying procedure rugs and then inspected. Any rug requiring more cleaning is cleaned. Rugs that are ready are wrapped in brown paper ready for either delivery or pick up.

Our 50 years in business gives us knowledge about rug cleaning many other companies do not have. We offer delivery service and you can always drop off your rugs at our facility. We work a 6 day week Monday through Saturday.
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Family Owned & Operated Since 1969

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