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It's cold, your trapped inside, when did you last clean your air ducts?

Air circulates throughout your home through the heating and cooling system. During the winter months when its cold out your are trapped inside. What kind of air are you breathing? When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? Your air ducts need to be maintained. What does this mean? It means cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis.

A regular basis means every three to five years. People with severe allergies may need to clean sooner, maybe even on an annual basis. Most people can stick to the three to five year cleanings. The important thing is to keep your ducts clean and change your filters on a regular basis. This will keep your indoor air clean.

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning business for almost half a century. When you are ready give us a call and we will send out Mr. Dunne to look over your system and quote you a price on the cleaning service. Dunne Cleaning is locally owned and family operated since 1969. Please give us a
call and we would love to help you.

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