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Clean your carpeting in the winter to have a healthy Home

In the winter we are all trapped inside with the windows down. Indoor air and the environment is very important. If the home we are trapped in is not the cleanest we open are self up to potentially getting more bacteria in the home and more things circulating in our environment. Keeping a clean home can help with all of this. So cleaning your carpeting in the winter can help you keep a healthy indoor environment. No problems with dying in the colder months also. Our efficient systems can have us in and out of your home with no mess no fuss - just a clean environment.

We also run some of our best sales during the months of January and February -
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Pre Holiday Carpet Cleaning is Happening now

Are you hosting for the holidays? If yes it's time to get set up for your carpet cleaning appointment. Spots fill up fast this time of year. Take a look down and do you like what you see? Don't embarrass yourself by having dirty carpets, it's the first thing your guest will see. Think about it, when your walking through a store you need to look down to find your way. How do you feel about the store if the floors are dirty? Do you want to shop there? Keep your home clean so your guests feel comfortable in your home.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the western suburbs of Chicago. We have pleased thousands of customers over the years. Join our many happy customers by choosing us to clean your carpeting today. It starts by calling us and setting up a free in home estimate.
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Do you need your carpeting Preconditioned?

One of the most important part of carpet cleaning is pre-conditioning. Pre-conditioning is getting the carpet ready for cleaning. There are many ways to do this. One way is to spray a solution on the carpeting. A solution that is sprayed on the carpeting must be strong to loosen on contact. The stronger a solution is the harder it is to rinse out of the carpeting. If solutions are left in the carpeting they can attract dirt. This leaving of residues can make the best cleaning job look dirty a month after the cleaning job was completed. The carpeting may look clean when finished but dirty a month later because of the residue that was left in the carpeting.

Another way of preconditioning is to use shampoo. With shampoo the solution is very mild. The shampoo activates with the gentle agitation. The shampoo is worked into the carpeting in a circular motion which lifts the dirt
up into the fibers from the backing. Shampoo also rinses clean because of the mild nature of the solution.

I believe that shampoo is the best way to precondition a carpeting.

Call us for your annual cleaning, don’t wait till your carpeting is too dirty.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


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Holiday Clean Up

This time of year can create some unexpected spotting problems. Our guests seem to always spill something and are too embarrassed to let us know of their “accident”. The biggest key to successful spotting is blot, blot then blot some more.

Bring a garbage can over to the stain, remove any material, then fold some paper towels and place them on the stain and stand on the towels, let the liquid absorb into the towels, then put the towels into the garbage, fold some more towels and keep repeating the process until the towels are dry, then use some spotter, that is certified to work on carpeting - follow the instruction carefully, to remove anything that is left.

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