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Allergy season is here. Have you had your air ducts cleaned?

Allergy sufferers know the discomfort they feel certain times of the year. Duct cleaning is a healthy thing to do. Duct cleaning should be done every three to five years. Dirty ducts can be unhelpful for people with allergies. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has over 50 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We are one of the most trusted names in the duct cleaning industry. Most local moms groups recommend us. They do this not because they receive something for the recommendation but simply because they trust us enough to give out our name knowing we will be giving the person they gave our name the same quality of work we gave them.

To get the amount of referrals we do means we get people excited enough to remember our name and confident enough in our abilities to recommend us. We really appreciate our customers trust in us and we will do whatever we can to continue to earn that trust. Without that trust we don't have a business.
We give free in home estimates call today 708-345-0922. At this point we don't do much of any advertising for new customers. Almost all our new customers come from referrals we are proud to say.

What makes us different in the duct cleaning industry is our specialization in duct cleaning. Meaning that we have a truck and crew dedicated to duct cleaning and fully trained. John Dunne does all our duct cleaning and with over 30 years of experience you'll have trouble finding someone with more experience. If John hasn't seen it at this point it probably doesn't exist. So close Dunne Cleaning for your duct cleaning needs with confidence.

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Had some remodeling? Get your air ducts cleaned!

During these challenging times many of us have been doing a variety of home remodeling projects. A great thing to do after a home remodeling project is get your air ducts cleaned. During a remodeling project a lot of dust can get stirred up and end up in the vents. That dust then can be circulated throughout the home. Even into the rooms that did not have any work done. When you have a modern air duct system it circulates air throughout the home. So dust from one area will be spread throughout your home. Let Dunne Cleaning Specialists help you by cleaning the ducts for you and bringing the level of dust in your home down.

Dunne Cleaning is entering our 52 year in business. We are locally owned and family run. We take pride in our work. We do a complete cleaning of the air ducts unlike our competitors. We get most of our work from referrals. All you have to do is go on a local facebook page and when you ask who can clean your air ducts odds are that our name will come up. I say this with confidence because this is the secret to our success. People who have used us in the past and continue to use us have always felt good about recommending us.

Call today 708-345-0922. We give free in home estimates and back up our work.

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How often should I clean my air ducts?

Air Ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. Proper maintenance of your air duct system can help keep your home cleaner and healthier. Clean ducts can also help with the efficiency of your furnace and help extend the life of your furnace. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated since 1969. We have many google and facebook reviews from our very satisfied customers. Call today for a free in home inspection 708-345-0922.

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Spring Cleaning Duct Cleaning.

Spring time means turning off your furnace and getting it ready to turn on your air conditioning on. A big part of getting your air duct system ready is cleaning your air ducts. Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. Cleaning your ducts can help improve your indoor air quality. We are coming off the winter, where we keep all the windows closed. If our indoor air quality is poor, having the windows closed can make this a bigger problem. Now can be a busy time to clean our air ducts. With heat being shut off now is the best time to clean your air ducts before we get ready to shut our homes up again during the summer with the air conditioning.

We are running a sale right now on air duct cleaning.
See our coupons page for details. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been servicing the western suburbs of Chicago for over 50 years. We have many great reviews on Google and Facebook. We believe in doing the finest work out there. We give free on site inspections. Call us to make an appointment.

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Clean air ducts and have a clean home

Duct cleaning is one of the best things you can do to make your home healthier. The air your breathing circulates through your air ducts when it is heated or cooled. If your air ducts are dirty then the air that moves throughout your home isn't clean. If the air isn't clean then you are breathing what comes out of your ducts. Clean air is healthy, dirty air not so much. Duct cleaning is an affordable service. This is a service that should be performed every 3 to 5 years.

Dunne Cleaning has been around for over 47 years
call us and set up a free on site inspection. We would love to hear from you.

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