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Spring Cleaning means carpet cleaning!

Spring is starting! Now is the time to get your carpeting cleaned! Carpeting should be cleaned and rinsed annually. Dunne Cleaning is entering its 50th year in the cleaning industry. We believe in superior customer service and delivering the best results in the cleaning industry since 1969.

We clean and rinse the carpeting that is the secret to our long lasting results. First we inspect your carpeting. Then we shampoo all the open areas to loosen and suspend soil. Your carpeting is then steam rinsed with our ultra dry truckmount. All spots and stains are worked on to attempt removal. Carpeting is then groomed.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around since 1969. We are locally owned, family run 50 year old business. We give free in home estimates and guarantee our work. Call today.

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Clean your carpets annually but make sure you get a rinse

Carpeting should be cleaned annually to keep it looking its best. A good cleaning needs to have a rinse. Rinsing is the key to carpets staying cleaner longer. A rinse removes the debris trapped in the backing of the carpeting - cleaning from the top down. Not just the tips of the carpeting. Experience has taught us that only a complete cleaning can give our customers the longevity their carpets need.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is one of the most experienced cleaning companies in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Call us today for an appointment. We started back in 1969 and haven't looked back.

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Healthy Home Clean Carpeting

A healthy home is a clean home. When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting? Can't remember? Time to call us for the healthiest cleaning of your carpeting combined with the best in customer service. First we shampoo the carpeting, then we steam rinse the carpeting with our ultra dry truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. We work on all spots and stains and attempt removal of them. Why wouldn't you want this type of service?

Spring is the time we all start our projects in hope of getting to them all. We all know it will be hard to complete them all so better to get started earlier rather than later. So in the spirit of
spring we are having some sales to help out our customers. Call now to set up your free estimate.

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