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Carpet cleaning on sale for 20% discount

Carpet cleaning is on sale for 20% off this month! Call today 708-345-0922. Dunne Cleaning is family owned and operated by 3 generations. We believe in performing quality work and have for over 50 years. This is why our customers have been using us for generations. We get all our new customers from referrals, because our customers trust us enough to recommend us.

We pre-inspect your carpeting. Then start with rotary shampooing all your open ares to loosen up the soil in your carpeting. then we steam rinse your carpeting with our Ultra Dry Truckmounted carpet cleaning machine. We work on all spots and stains and attempt removal. The carpeting is then groomed. We only send the type of people to your home that we would want in our home.

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Odors are stronger in August

Odors tend to activate in humid weather. Your dog didn't behave himself and you thought the smell went away. Well now in August it's back. During humid times the heavy moisture in the air tends to "awaken" urine that was trapped in the pad and carpet backing. If limited to a concentrated spot then a soaking procedure can be used to help alleviate the problem. A soaking procedure helps get to the root of the problem.

Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists to set up your free in home estimate so we can look at your problem and see if this would be a good fit for you.

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Bait ad switch carpet cleaning

Be careful of those coupons that advertise a low price and promise a lot for carpet cleaning. Many new exposes have been done on those types of coupons, link here. When a company promises an unbelievably low price, unfortunately if you can’t figure out how it could be done for that price, it probably can’t. Most likely the service for the cheap price doesn’t include what you need and what you need is extra, a lot extra. Typically these people that come out to do the cleaning are private contractors with a variety of training. From the highly skilled to almost nothing. Equipment varies as well as quality.

Try and hire established companies that have training procedures and a record for quality. Companies that can come out and look over the job and give you a price with everything you need to have a quality carpet cleaning job.

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Holiday Clean Up

This time of year can create some unexpected spotting problems. Our guests seem to always spill something and are too embarrassed to let us know of their “accident”. The biggest key to successful spotting is blot, blot then blot some more.

Bring a garbage can over to the stain, remove any material, then fold some paper towels and place them on the stain and stand on the towels, let the liquid absorb into the towels, then put the towels into the garbage, fold some more towels and keep repeating the process until the towels are dry, then use some spotter, that is certified to work on carpeting - follow the instruction carefully, to remove anything that is left.

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