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Vacuum your clothes and where them? You do it with your furniture all the time. Seem Healthy?

Too many people never clean their furniture. This is something I can never figure out. While I know the furniture doesn’t show the dirt as readily as carpeting or rugs but we have more contact with the furniture. We nap on the furniture. We lay on the furniture for hours, days, and yes years. We sweat on the furniture. Spill on the furniture.

Then we vacuum the furniture. Would you just vacuum your clothes? How comfortable would you feel with vacuuming your clothes and wearing them again? I sure wouldn’t how about you? You are probably doing it now. Call today for a free estimate. You should be cleaning your furniture on an annual basis. Sounds a lot healthier than never doesn’t it?

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for almost half a century, since 1969. Let us assist you in having not just a beautiful home but the healthiest home we can give you.
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