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Air ducts done right. Dunne Cleaning has been making people happy with their high quality duct cleaning and customer service for years. We are a 50 year old company that is family run, not just owned, but run by 3 generations of family. Most duct cleaning companies are blow and go. What does that mean? Well it doesn't mean they are quality companies. It means that hiring a blow and go company and giving them your hard earned money is a bad idea. When cleaning ducts you don't get a great job, good job or a poor job. You get a great job or no job. No job means you have been scammed. It means you would have better to have gotten your money in ones and deposited them in your fire place. The heat you would have generated would have been more beneficial than the using it to hire a poor duct cleaning company.

Over the years have heard many horror stories about bad duct cleaning. What is bad duct cleaning? Well one story was customer hired duct cleaning company. Company had a wet dry vac that was purchased at home depot for a vacuum. Company had a little compressor. How would company do the work? Well they hooked up little electric vacuum to the furnace through the dehumidifier, didn't even seal it. Then wen to furthest vent with compressor. Put hose against vent. Didn't remove vent. Locked trigger down and went out side and smoked. Dirt blew in vent and out of vent. Did this on multiple vents. Packed up equipment, collected and went home. This was a complete waste of money. This example and many like it are what happens on getting an inferior company to clean for you.

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