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Furnitre Cleaning codes on furnture tags what do they mean?

We see these tags on our furniture for cleaning instructions. I would say they have more value when choosing your furniture than for a professional cleaner with experience. The code will tell you about the gleanability of your furniture. If its a dry cleaning code this is probably not the right piece for a family room. It might work in a living room that you don't use and the furniture is rarely sat on. As far as professional cleaning instructions - not so much. The instructions are more intended for release of liability for the manufacturer. What do I mean? Well an experienced cleaner with the right equipment can clean many if not all dry clean only fabrics with a water based method safely. If the manufacturer says its ok to clean with water, its ok for everyone including the consumer. If the consumer rents a machine at the local hardware store and the cleaning ruins the furniture the manufacturer is liable. On the other hand an experienced cleaner could most likely clean it safely and if he couldn't he would recognize that and switch methods. Either way an experienced cleaner does't want to buy a sofa so they will use the appropriate method.

While the more experienced cleaner can clean with water based methods on dry clean only fabrics, better results are achievable on fabrics that say they can be cleaned with water.

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