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Time to get your furniture freshened up!

Time to get your furniture freshened up! Over the course of the year we sweat into our furniture through our clothes. The colors tend to fade and we don't even realize it because it happens slowly over time. Cleaning can improve the smells we get used to but our company notices. Colors tend to wake up and brighten up after cleaning. Dunne Cleaning has over 50 years of experience brightening g furniture up. We are family owned and operated by 3 generations of family. We are here after 50 years because our customers have judged us worthy. If we weren't we would have been gone a long time ago.

We are the only cleaner in the area that specializes in furniture cleaning. Our machines, our tools, and our soaps are specifically designed for furniture. The other companies in the area simply put an attachment on a carpet cleaning machine and use the same soap. Carpet and furniture are not the same and should be cleaned differently. We have found the best methods for cleaning over the last 50 years.

Call today for a free in home estimate 708-345-0922. We still believe in the same personal touch that our family has provided since 1969. Making people happy for over 50 years.

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