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Spring time is allergy season

Spring can mean an up tick in allergy problems. One of the ways to reduce allergens in the home is to reduce allergens in the air ducts. The air duct system circulates what ever is in it throughout the home. If the system is loaded with allergens then allergens are circulated throughout the home. People with allergy problems seem to feel it as the spring arrives.

Air duct cleaning can help with allergy problems. A lot of allergists recommend air duct cleaning. The key is to get a quality job not a cheap job. A cheap job can actually increase allergy problems. A blow and go job is a job where a company loosens the soil in the air ducts but doesn't remove the soil they have loosened. This can cause the soil to get pushed out of the system into the home. Because if you don't remove the soil it has to go somewhere and that place is outside the ducts into your home.

A proper job is loosening and removing the soil. Check out a few companies before you make your choice. You can never go wrong with a quality company. Have the companies come out and give you an in home inspection, meet who you are hiring. Dunne Cleaning has been in business since 1969 and we are family owned and operated. We want you to call us for all your cleaning needs and will do all that we can please you so you can recommend us with confidence.

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