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Loose rug care, whats best?

When was the last time you cleaned your area rug. Rugs are best to be cleaned in plant. Why? A proper in plant rug cleaning consists of a rug dusting procedure and a thorough washing of your rug. These things can not be accomplished in the home. Why? These types of systems require heavy duty equipment that isn't portable. The type of large equipment used to properly clean rugs is anything but mobile.

Proper rug cleaning means rinsing and rinsing and a process to dry the rug quickly. The best way to flush a rug and get it dry quickly is a centrifuge. Putting a wet rug in a centrifuge and spinning it up can flush and dry a rug rather quickly. A rug that is soaking wet can be pretty much dry in less than 3 minutes. This type of tool can allow us to clean rugs in ways not possible before.

The finishing process hasn't changed and the details are always important. If a fringe looks clean the rug will look beautiful. So while we have some of the most modern equipment in the western suburbs we haven't forgotten no matter how many thousands of dollars you spend on equipment the quality of the cleaning is always in the details. With our over 50 years of experience we will clean your rug safely and effectively.
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