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Maintain your leather furniture to avoid it uglying out

Leather furniture needs to maintained not just cleaned. If you want your leather furniture to last you need to clean and condition your leather furniture on a regular basis or the leather will dry out and crack. Keeping the leather supple will extend the life of the furniture and keep the leather from "uglying out". Dunne Cleaning Specialists has a unique method for cleaning leather. Most companies use a rag, squirt some goo on the rag and rub it on the sofa. Sounds like something you could do yourself. We have a machine designed to clean leather and give you superior results to a rag and some creme.

Dunne Cleaning employs a multi step method to clean the leather. First vacuuming the leather to remove dry soil. Then using our leather machine to apply a dry foam and work it into the leather to encapsulate the dirt into the foam so it can be vacuumed away. We finish the leather with a leather lotion to condition the leather and keep it supple to avoid cracking.

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