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Save 10% on Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning on sale! Save 10% off this month! With over 50 years of experience we can give you the best in carpet cleaning. We give a multi step process. We shampoo all the open areas with a rotary shampoo machine to loosen and suspend soil. Then the carpeting is steam rinsed and all spots and stains worked on to attempt removal. Our crews have full spotting kits and are trained to use them.

Our company isn't just a family owned company we are a family run company. We do the actual cleaning. We are proud to say this and this is just another reason why we are one of the most recommended companies in the western suburbs.
Call today 866-674-7790 for a free in home estimate.

We back up our work 100% if you are unhappy with the cleaning just call us within 15 days and we will come back and re clean any areas or the entire job at no charge.

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Carpet cleaning on sale now!

Carpet cleaning is on sale this month! We are giving a 20% discount! Call today for an appointment before we fill up. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is a 54 year old family run business. We will treat you and your home right. We have multiple family members working here. We are proud to say that 3 generations working here. The people that do the cleaning care. This is why we are 54 years young!

We clean carpeting with a multi step method developed over the last 50 years. We inspect your carpeting. Then we rotary shampoo all the open areas of the carpeting to loosen and suspend soil. Carpeting is then steam rinsed with our patented ultra dry truckmount. Spots and stains worked on to attempt removal. Carpets are ultra dry and ultra clean.

Call today for an appointment or a free in home estimate 708-345-0922. We still believe in giving the same personal touch today that Tom Dunne Sr gave back in 1969 when he was starting out. See the difference pride makes!

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Spring time means getting your carpeting cleaned!

Spring is rapidly approaching so now is the time to get set up for your carpet cleaning! Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around since 1969. We are family owned and operated since 1969. Dunne Cleaning delivers the finest in quality of work combined with superior customer service. We give free in home estimates. Call today 866-674-7790.

We use Ultra Dry truckmounted machines which are custom designed to give our customers the best job. Our crews are trained to give quality cleanings. Carpeting is shampooed and then steam riser with our ultra dry truckmount. Our crews use full spotting kits to work on all spots and stains and attempt removal. We back up our work. We come out in uniform. The truck has our name on it.

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The Nooks and Crannies

Your home has plenty of areas for dirt and grime to hide. Locating them may seem easy. Cleaning them effectively is something else.

Most homeowners spend plenty of time sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and cleaning areas that are obviously soiled and become soiled daily. There are areas that can really get gross in a short amount of time.

Your bathroom “work stations” — also known as vanity cabinets — are prime locations for soil buildup.

Let’s spend some time on how to tackle the chore of cleaning the bathroom vanity. One area of the home easy to ignore. After all, who looks in there besides the person searching out some face cream or hand lotion, among other items?

The buildup of residues can wreak havoc over time. Think of hairspray that you use daily and that ends up on the top of the cabinet. It may be easy to clean when fresh but give it 10 or more applications and you have a “goo” that’s not giving up its tenacious hold on the counter. This isn’t to even mention toothpaste and other necessary items that get smeared on the same surface.

Take some time each day — perhaps just a minute or so — to quickly wipe up any residues that land on the surface.

Then, take some time each week — perhaps just five minutes or so — to open up any cabinet doors or mirrors that house storage behind them, remove all objects, and use a household cleaning solution to wipe down all surfaces. After a week, you will still be amazed at how much residue has built up in there. Imagine what could happen after a few months!

And once a month, give your entire bathroom a close scrutiny and look for all those nooks and crannies that can be the host of soil. This could be behind the toilet, in the corners of shower stalls, where the soap resides on the bathtub edge. All these areas could use a good scrubbing each month, if not more frequently.

And all this is besides the typical routine cleaning you no doubt give all your bathrooms.

Call today for your free in home estimate 708-345-0922 - we would love to meet you!

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Family Owned and Operated Since 1969

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Post Holiday Carpet Cleaning Specials

Post Holiday Carpet Cleaning Specials call today 708-345-0922. Have some guest over and your home doesn't look so special? Carpets dirty? We can help and good news we are having a sale! Dunne Cleaning has been in the carpet cleaning business for over 50 years. Our customers love us and you will too. Family owned and operated. Our customers are important to us and we take pride in our work.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists gives free in home estimates. We will come out to your home and introduce ourselves and look over your carpeting. We give free no hassle pricing with no surprises. Bait and switch is not what we do. he price quoted is what we clean the job for. Honestly in service and pricing is what we are known for and why we are still here after 50 years.

We get most of our work through referrals. Ask about us on facebook in your neighborhood groups chances are many have heard about us and used us and are very happy with us.

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Call for carpet cleaning in the new year!

As we wrap up the end of the year and get ready to begin a new year I want to thank all our customers over the last 50 years for all their support we would not be here without you. As a family nothing makes us prouder than to say that we have been serving the western suburbs of Chicago for 50 YEARS!

We are still here while our competitors have dropped by the way side because first we take of the customer. Secondly because we have been in the cleaning industry for 50 years and we know what we are doing. We have been refining our cleaning process for 50 years now. We know what works and what doesn't.

We clean and rinse. This is the secret to our long lasting results. Most companies clean bus skip the rinse. We don't. We never cut corners. This is why our customers not only keep coming back to us but we have cleaned multiple generations of families homes. We are carpet cleaning at its finest.

If you have any questions please feel free to
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Pets and your carpet

As we get into the dog days of summer lets talk about pets and carpeting. From time to time a pet may have an accident on the carpeting. In the summer months with humidity high. You can get odors coming fro the rug. Humidity can reactivate odors. Carpet cleaning with some deodorizer rinsed through the carpeting can help. We have number of different deodorizers that we can use depending on the situation. odors can be difficult to totally remove. Why?

Odors are not just a carpet problem, odors also exist in the pad below the carpeting and in the wood floors below. Urine can damage the wood floors irreparably from time to time. Urine can penetrate into the wood where sanding will not elevaite the problem. If the urine penetrates the wood too deep then the wood will need to be replaced which can be a very expensive undertaking.

Cleaning the carpeting can remove odor from the carpeting but not necessarily from the other 2 areas - wood and pad. Other methods that can be used are a soaking process. This process can be used for concentrated areas. The area is wet down with a deodorizing solution. The area is allowed to dwell and then is extracted with a water claw. This can be very effective for concentrated areas but not whole rooms.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in business since 1969 and is family owned and operated.
Call today.

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Post holiday carpet cleaning specials

Post holiday clean up time is here. Your guest have left how does your home look? Don't stare at that dirty carpeting. Give Dunne Cleaning Specialists a call. We are your holiday clean up specialists. We are not your normal everyday cleaner. We believe in only doing the best work. We will clean and rinse your carpeting. We shampoo your carpeting first to loosen the soil and then we steam rinse your carpeting with our ultra Dry truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Our process cleans and fluffs the carpeting and dries the carpeting. Your carpet will not look clean and stay clean longer. The secret to our superior results are the thorough rinsing of the carpeting. Rinsed carpeting stays cleaner longer. Soap left in a carpeting attracts dirt.

We have been around since 1969 and are family owned and operated. We have no desire to clean for you once. We want to establish a relationship where you use us for all your cleaning needs and recommend us to all your friends. If your looking for the best
give us a call.

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Family owned and operated Since 1969

After Christmas Carpet Cleaning

The New Year is almost here. Christmas revelers have left your home. Call today and let the holiday helpers at Dunne Cleaning help you clean up after the holiday mess. Why live through the post holiday months in a mess? We are running some of our biggest sales of the year now. Call today and get your carpets cleaned by the leader in the Western Suburbs Dunne Cleaning Specialists.

At Dunne Cleaning Specialists we believe in only doing the best work. First to prepare your carpeting we shampoo to loosen soil and then we steam rinse the carpeting. We work on all spots and stains. We believe in superior customer service. Since 1969 we have been helping people clean up after Christmas.

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Carpeting cleaned for Health

Being trapped inside for the winter isn’t fun but being trapped in a dirty environment is unhealthy. We are full swing into flu season now. This years flu season has been particularly rough. Keeping your home clean should be a priority. How do your carpets look? If they haven’t been cleaned in a year or more now is the time. Carpeting should be cleaned every year to help keep a healthy environment.

Dunne Cleaning will give you the cleanest and healthiest carpeting. We believe in superior customer service and do our best to deliver the results you deserve.
Call today 866-674-7790.

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Clean now save later get your carpet cleaned today

Proper maintenance of your carpeting is very important. If your carpeting is not maintained properly it can decrease the value of your home. It can create a less healthy environment. It looks bad. Not cleaning your carpeting on a regular basis can also lead to premature replacement. It’s important to get the most out of your home furnishings and by cleaning them on a regular basis you will.

Select a quality cleaner, like Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc, to clean your carpet and your other home furnishings and you will get the best in customer service and get the full life out of your carpeting. Don’t let your carpeting ugly out. Get the most out your carpeting and replace when its time to remodel. By doing proper maintenance then your home will always look its best. Who wouldn’t want this?
Call today to schedule your free in home estimate. Want us to call you? Click here.

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Are you ready for the holidays yet? When did you last clean your carpeting?

The holidays will be here before you know it. Are you ready yet? When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting? Carpetings should be cleaned annually. If it has been more than a year now is the time to call. We only believe in doing the finest quality of work possible. If your not happy just give us a call within 15 days and we will come back and reclean whatever areas your unhappy with or the entire job.

After over 40 years of being in business we know that the customer comes first and we would love to work for you. We are family owned and operated since 1969.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


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Pets can be hard to love at times

Man’s best friend can have an accident every now and then.How can we help? There are many new systems that have been developed over recent years to help with these problems. We have sub floor extractors to pull contaminated material from the carpet, the carpet backing, the pad and the floor below. New solutions have been developed to help neutralize odors. So call for more information 708-345-0922.
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When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?

Carpeting needs regular maintenance. You should clean your carpeting once a year. Our systems of cleaning can help maintain your carpeting and keep it looking its best. There is no substitute for regular maintenance. Why wait until your carpeting is so dirty you can’t stand it anymore. Call today and schedule your carpet cleaning today.

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