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What is the best way for a professional to clean a carpeting?

What is the best way for a professional to clean a carpeting? After over 50 years of cleaning many types of carpeting in our opinion the best way is to shampoo a carpeting first to loosen up all the impeded soil as well as to bring soil up from deep in the carpeting. The circular motion of the brush hits all sides of the fibers and draws deep impacted dirt up onto the top of the carpeting. Then we steam rinse the carpeting with our Ultra Dry truckmount, custom designed by us to give you the best quality job. Carpeting cleaned and rinsed. This is the secret to our superior results and our long lasting results.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists was formed in 1969 by Thomas and Jeanne Dunne. In the 90's they were joined by John and Thomas Jr. In the mid 2015 the were Joined by Tommy and Sebastian. There are 3 generations of Dunne's running the company. Family service is the best because we care.

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