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Don't hire an ameteur to clean your carpeting hire a profesional

Don't take a risk and clean your won carpeting. Don't hire an amateur. Its important to know what you are doing. Overwetting the carpeting can lead to mold and mildew. Underwetting can lead to a very dirty carpet. Not rinsing a carpet enough can lead to left over soil in the backing bleeding up to the surface during the drying process. Hiring Dunne Cleaning Specialists with our over 55 years of experience is what best for you and your home.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around for over 55 years. We are operated by 3 generations of family. Dunne Cleaning has developed systems for carpet cleaning over the last 50 years to give our customers the best in cleaning. We are one of the most professional carpet cleaning company in the western suburbs. We are proud to say we are one of the most recommended companies in the western suburbs.

Call today for a free in home estimate 708-345-0922. We are family owned and operated. You are not a number to us and we look forward to your call.

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