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Don't do it yourself call a pro for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning at its finest. Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists 708-345-0922. Always hire a pro when you need your carpeting cleaned. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around for over 50 years. Family owned and operated. Remember don't do it yourself call a pro!

Cleaner homes help keep you mentally healthy too

Keeping your home clean also has a positive effect on your mental health and you can even sleep better according to some studies. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been helping people keep clean homes for over 51 years. We are family owned and operated since 1969. We believe in doing superior work along with outstanding customer service. Call today for a free in home estimate on our many services 866-674-7790. Carpet cleaning is on sale right now 10% OFF!

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Summer odors from heat and humidity

Summer months with their heat and humidity can bring out odors that seemed slight before to strong now. Now is a great time to clean your carpeting. We can clean and rinse your carpeting and even put some deodorizer to help with the odor coming from the extreme humidity. Extreme humidity can awaken odors trapped deep in the carpeting. Cleaning and rinsing and the right kind of deodorizer can help alleviate this. We also have a sub floor extractor for those areas we can target. This sub floor extractor will rinse the pad and the carpeting thoroughly. We believe that these methods can really help with odor problems this time of year.

Cleaning is the healthy choice when odors come up. With our rinsing methods we are doing our best to remove and neutralize odors rather than mask them. Call today for a free in home estimate 866-674-7790.

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Don't skip the carpet cleaning this Spring!

School is almost out and where are you with your spring cleaning projects? Its hard to stick to it with your spring cleaning but don't quit now! Dunne Cleaning is having some sales on our services. Like now we are having a 10% off spring cleaning sale for our carpet cleaning services. Carpeting will be cleaned and rinsed. Fresh and clean all set for the year. We send out 2 man crews, in uniform. Our trucks are lettered and we are backed by 50 years of experience.

We only believe in doing the highest quality of work. Our 2 man crews will respect your home. We believe in taking care of our customers the right way thats while we are still here after 50 years.
Call today for a free in home estimate. The Oak Park River Forest area is one of our busiest. We have many satisfied customers in this area as you will see with our many google reviews! We are very proud of that.

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Family Owned and Operated by The Dunne Family Since 1969

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Clean and rinse your carpeting annually

Cleaning and rinsing your carpeting on an annual basis is a great way to keep a healthy home. Selecting a company to do this can be a tedious task. You need to make sure you get someone who will do a quality job. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been cleaning carpeting for over 50 years. We are the best at what we do. We give free in home estimates. We will come out and look over your carpeting, go over our process and tailor the cleaning to your carpetings conditions. We send out 2 man crews and our crews are in uniform. Our trucks are lettered.

We start by inspecting your carpeting. Then we will rotary shampoo all the open areas to loosen and suspend soil. We next set up our ultra Dry truck mounted machine. The machine sits in the truck. We bring the hoses in and clean and rinse the carpeting. All spots and stains are worked on to attempt removal. All crews equipped with a full spotting kit. Furniture is moved out cleaned behind and place back with blocks or tabs for safety. Carpets are then groomed and reinspected.

We will give you the best job possible.
Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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Family Owned and Operated for over 50 Years

Post holiday carpet cleaning specials

Post holiday clean up time is here. Your guest have left how does your home look? Don't stare at that dirty carpeting. Give Dunne Cleaning Specialists a call. We are your holiday clean up specialists. We are not your normal everyday cleaner. We believe in only doing the best work. We will clean and rinse your carpeting. We shampoo your carpeting first to loosen the soil and then we steam rinse your carpeting with our ultra Dry truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Our process cleans and fluffs the carpeting and dries the carpeting. Your carpet will not look clean and stay clean longer. The secret to our superior results are the thorough rinsing of the carpeting. Rinsed carpeting stays cleaner longer. Soap left in a carpeting attracts dirt.

We have been around since 1969 and are family owned and operated. We have no desire to clean for you once. We want to establish a relationship where you use us for all your cleaning needs and recommend us to all your friends. If your looking for the best
give us a call.

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Family owned and operated Since 1969

Winter is coming gets your carpets cleaned for a healthy home

Whenever you are ready to do some carpet cleaning Dunne Cleaning is more than ready to help you. We have superior customer service. We strive to please you. We believe in only doing the best work. Cleaning and rising are the secret to a healthy home. The cold weather is approaching and a healthy home can mean less missed school and less missed work. Who wants to be home and miserable.

Call today to let us assist you in getting a healthy home. We give free in home estimates so you know the out the door price. We at Dunne Cleaning Specialists never engage in bait and switch tactics only upfront honest pricing. Thats what you get from a family owned company.

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Why is winter the Best time to clean your carpeting?

In the winter we spend most of our time indoors and if our indoor environment is not clean we are in a very dirty environment. If our air ducts are dirty we are breathing dirty air. If our furniture is dirty then we are sitting on unhealthy furniture. If our carpeting or rugs are dirty we are walking across the carpeting and rugs and putting the dirt into the air. When we vacuum we are putting dirt into the air.

It is very important to keep your environment clean. Clean is healthy. When was the last time you cleaned your environment? Clean now and save we are running some of our best sales. We only send drug tested crews to your home.

Call us we will give you the best job possible and if your not happy we will return immediately and re do any areas or the entire job at no cost to you.

Call today. 708-345-0922.

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It's not too late for Spring Carpet Cleaning

It's never too late to start your spring cleaning. The wether seems like it's just starting to break now so give us a call and schedule your carpet cleaning today. We believe in only doing the highest quality of work. Our crews are background checked and drug tested.

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning business for over 40 years. We believe in cleaning and rinsing. This is the secret to our long lasting results. We have survived and thrived for all this time because of our commitment to quality.
Call today.

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Spring Time means Spring Cleaning!!

What a day! Never seen the weather so nice in February. Hello March! Spring is almost upon us so get ready for Spring cleaning! Carpet cleaning season is just under way. If you want the cleanest and healthiest carpeting we are just a phone call away. We clean and rinse the carpeting. With spring in the air it’s time to start your spring cleaning projects.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting? Carpeting should be cleaned annually, heavily trafficked areas more often. Carpeting must be cleaned every 18 months to maintain the carpetings manufacturers warranty. To maintain the warranty you must have a cleaning method that contains a rinse and uses hot water extraction.

Call now to have the cleanest and healthiest carpeting.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


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In Rug Cleaning, Is rug dusting important?

Rug dusting is one of the best things that can be done in rug cleaning. Dry soil removal is always a great first step. When conducting In Plant cleaning a vacuum cleaner is helpful, but no matter good a vacuum cleaner you buy, it cannot do the same job as a rug duster. Years ago Eureka did a study that confirmed that rugs can contain a number of pounds of dirt! The wool fiber is a very jagged fiber, this type of fiber can trap a lot of dirt. Vacuuming and cleaning can remove only so much dirt.

Rug dusting machines are, in my opinion, the most effective way to remove dry soil. I have found many rugs that didn’t appear to be very dirty leave
piles of dirt on my floor after a rug dusting procedure was performed! Dry soil removal should be the first part of any rug cleaning process. A lot of our competitors just use a vacuum. I know from experience, thats the way we used to do it, a vacuum is no where near as effective as a rug dusting machine. I wouldn’t clean a rug without it.

How dirty is your rug? Try this - use your vacuum and put a clean cotton white towel around a vacuum head and vacuum your rug, furniture whatever. You may find that the towel is very dirty. Time to get some cleaning done. Call us we are ready when you are.

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When was the last time you cleaned your rugs?

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?

How often do you clean your sheets? Once a year, every 2 years? I hope not. I have 3 boys one of there favorite things to do is sit or lay on the carpeting and play video games. How about you? Do you have children or grand children? When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting. It may look clean but is it? A carpeting should be rinsed out once a year. Not cleaned but rinsed, not all cleaners rinse - ask if your cleaner does. Rinsing is healthy. Would you take a jog and not rinse your shirt before wearing it again? I don’t think so. So make sure you don’t skip the rinse on your carpeting. Most carpet warrantees require cleaning and rinsing once every 18 months just to keep the warrantee in effect.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. Spring Cleaning Starts Now!!!!!
So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


Don’t forget the Scotchgard Protection!

Are you maintaining your carpeting?

Maintaining your carpeting is the best way to extend the life of your carpeting. Yearly cleaning will rinse dirt and dust out of your carpeting. Cleaning is healthy, but you need a cleaning that rinses, without the rinse you leave a lot of the debris that build up over the course of the year. So choose wisely when choosing someone to clean your carpeting.

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Rug Dusting

How important is it to use a rug duster when cleaning oriental rugs in plant? Some of the most important tools we use are the tools we use before we start the actual cleaning. Rug dusting is a must. Get all the dirt packed into the backing out before you clean. The kind of job you can do and the value goes way up by simply using a rug duster.

So before you drop off your rugs for cleaning, ask a simple question will you be dusting my rugs before you clean them?

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Dye stains

Red dye stain is one of the worst stains to ever have on a carpet. This stain is often permanent. There are many types of spot removers used to attempt to take out a red stain. Heat transfer products give the best results but nothing is 100%. The best thing to do when you get a red stain is to use a wet dry vac to pull up any material in the rug, then use paper towels to blot up the remaining liquid. Then I would use a solution of a teaspoon of dish soap and 1 quart of water. Apply the soap to the towel and work the stain from the outside to the center. If the color is not coming out stop and call a professional. You never want to make the stain larger or permanent by dumping a massive amount of solutions into the carpeting.

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Old wives tales about when to clean your carpet.

What about the old wives tale about waiting as long as possible to clean?

Years ago people thought it was best to wait as long as possible before cleaning. See, here's the truth about steam cleaning.

When professional carpet cleaners started using the steam cleaning method, large amounts of water were used. And yes, sometimes water so hot that it would steam. These cleaning pioneers often used harsh cleaning agents. And even worse, so much water was used that the carpet stayed soaking wet. Really wet carpet also meant that dirty water still remained in the carpet.

So a few days later, all the spots could wick up from the backing. Some looked worse than before.

I'd like to tell you these problems are gone, but unfortunately they're not. Even today there are uneducated carpet cleaners using harsh chemicals and leaving carpets wet for days.

At Dunne Cleaning Specialists, we take the time to do the job right. Your cleaning will have the least residue and fastest drying possible to prevent spots from returning.

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Continuing Education

We all need continuing education to keep abreast in our industries. Continuing education shows that we don't know it all and never will. At Dunne Cleaning we never stop learning. Changes come every year to every industry, I never want to be the last to know. Our promise to you is that we will continue to use the latest echniques and solutions to give you the best job possible.
So whatever you do never stop learning. You might be surprised by what you learn if you stop to listen to others.
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General Spotting

Don’t forget to Blot! The first rule in spotting is to remove any heavy material, then blot! To properly blot get a roll of paper towels and a garbage can. Take a couple of paper towels and fold them, set them on top of the stain and then stand on the towels, allowing the liquid to be absorbed into the towels, put damp towels in garbage can and repeat process until towels are dry after standing on the towels.

This process can get rid of a number of stains and problems all by itself.

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Spot removal

What should I do about a wine stain?

Try using wine away which can be purchased at jewel or Just spray the wine away and watch the wine stain disappear

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