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Clean your carpeting now while our post holiday specials are on!

Clean your carpeting now while our post holiday specials are on! How are your carpets looking after the holiday crew has left? How are your carpets looking with the Super Bowl party approaching? Call today for a free in home estimate 708-345-0922. We are ready to service you and keep your home in the condition you need.

Dunne Cleaning has been in the carpet cleaning industry since 1969. We are family owned and operated since 1969. We are run by 3 generations of family. The systems we use have been developed over the last 50 years. We are one of the most recommended companies in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Our multi step method cleans your carpeting deeper and helps it stay cleaner longer and also extends the life of your carpet investment.

Links to our contacts 708-345-0922.

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Holdiays are approaching how are your carpets looking?

The holidays are approaching fast. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is a family run business that is operated by 3 generations since 1969. We are one of the most recommended companies in the western suburbs. We believe in only doing the highest quality of work. We are not just family owned in name we actually do the work. We care about you and take pride in our work. Call today for a free estimate 708-345-0922.

We use a multi step method to give you the best in cleaning developed over the last 50 years. We come out in uniform and our truck has our name on it. We are a professional company and we are fully insured. We give free in home estimates and have an attention to detail. We send out 2 man crews. We build our own equipment and have kept improving it over the years. We have cleaned for multiple generations of families. Give us a try and you won't look back.

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Since 1969

Just attended a Webinar about Cleaning for Health in these difficult times

In these difficult times education is key. I just attended a webinar about cleaning and health in these difficult times. Clean environments are important. Dunne Cleaning has been around for over 51 years. We are constantly taking continuing education courses in our industry. We don't sit on our laurels here - thats why we are still here after all these years.

All equipment is sprayed with a disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide after each job. Our employees wear shoe covers and also wear gloves. We value your safety as we have for over 50 years.

Keeping our indoor environment is very important' especially since we are going to spend a greater amount of time there than we had previously expected. We talk all the time about the amount of time spent indoors in our home. Now we are taking that definition to a completely new level with this virus out there. So keeping our home clean is very important.

So what methods of cleaning in these difficult times are being recommended? Hot water extraction method. Why? Most to not all of the VLM (very low moisture) or dry methods do not flush out the carpeting. Rinsing the carpeting with fresh heated water and soap is the best way to get a cleaner environment. The VLM and dry methods do not flush the carpeting. These methods can possibly make your environment less healthy by stirring up the contaminants in your carpeting and not flushing them out. Our tried and true method flushes the carpeting and gives you a healthier home.

Call today to schedule your cleaning appointment 866-674-7790.

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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

The job of the vacuum cleaner, whether in a home or office, is to pick up dirt, debris, particulate soil, hair, dander, virtually anything that lands on the carpet and must be removed. In the process, your vacuum cleaner eventually ends up needing a little cleaning attention itself.

When you empty the vacuum collection chamber or replace the vacuum bag, all of that dust, dirt, debris, and hair went into the port that contains the beater bar, and then through a hose, and most likely also through a filter or two.

Keep your vacuum cleaner in great working condition with these simple maintenance tips. Keep it safe and anytime you are working on your vacuum, make sure it is unplugged.

The bag or bin
Some vacuums have a chamber or bin that collects the dirt. If you have that type of vacuum, remove it and empty it frequently, even after each use. Wipe it out if you can and if the type warrants it, rinse it out with water and detergent. If you have a vacuum with a bag, keep an eye on how much dirt it is accumulating. It’s best to replace it when about half full, never more than 2/3 full. If your vacuum bag gets too full, the efficiency of the machine is drastically reduced.

The beater bar
Turn the vacuum over and inspect the beater bar and vacuum inlet assembly. This is where things might get a little gross as you have to physically pull and remove all the hair that has rolled up on the beater bar. Wear gloves. Pull the hair off and keep turning the beater bar until it is completely clean. Use scissors or a small, sharp knife if the hair is difficult to remove with just your bare fingers.

The filter(s)
You may need to refer to your owner’s manual for this. Find the filters and inspect according to manufacturer recommendations. Some filters need to be replaced; others can be cleaned. Air must pass through the filters so keep them in good condition. High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) might need more attention than typical filters.

One great way to ensure vacuum cleaner efficiency is to have your favorite cleaning company inspect it the next time they work in your home. Call them today. After all, it pays to call a pro!

Clean your carpeting with a professional annually
Call today!

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1969

Clean now save later get your carpet cleaned today

Proper maintenance of your carpeting is very important. If your carpeting is not maintained properly it can decrease the value of your home. It can create a less healthy environment. It looks bad. Not cleaning your carpeting on a regular basis can also lead to premature replacement. It’s important to get the most out of your home furnishings and by cleaning them on a regular basis you will.

Select a quality cleaner, like Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc, to clean your carpet and your other home furnishings and you will get the best in customer service and get the full life out of your carpeting. Don’t let your carpeting ugly out. Get the most out your carpeting and replace when its time to remodel. By doing proper maintenance then your home will always look its best. Who wouldn’t want this?
Call today to schedule your free in home estimate. Want us to call you? Click here.

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Dunne Cleaning has won the Angie's List Super Saver award!!

Dunne Cleaning has won the Angie's List Super Service Award!! The award is given out to less than 5% of all companies listed on Angie's list. We are very proud to receive this award. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have received this prestigious award. What award would we rather have than an award for customer service and satisfaction? I can think of none. This award is a credit to our employees who do their best everyday to service our customers in the best manner that they can.

Thank you to our customers that wrote the reviews that gave us this reward. We appreciate all our customers whether you cleaned 1 room or your entire home. You keep us working and feed al our families. We look forward to serving you again this year and for many more.

Spot and spill removal, is your cleaner up to the test?

Spot and spill removal can be very trying. I didn't say spot and stain, I said spot and spill. Remember the difference between a spot and a stain is that a stain is permanent and cannot be removed. The best way to work on spots and spills during the cleaning process is to wait. Why not scrub the spots before the cleaning process starts? The best way to insure spots come back is to work on the spots, loosen them up with spotter and let them sit or a good while. Understand that spotter loosens up spots, and after it loosens up the spots what happens to the spots? The spots then trickle down the fiber into the backing of the carpeting.

The longer the spotter and the spots sit without being rinsed the deeper the spotter and the spot go into the carpeting. Then when the carpeting is rinsed the spotter and the spot are into the backing and as the carpeting dries the spots reappear.

The best way to work on spots is to work on the spots during the cleaning process and rinse the spots immediately. Rinsing out the spotter and spot means you won't have spots returning. Deep spots and heavy spills can be impacted into the backing and pad below and can return but most spots will not if properly rinsed.

A little spotting knowledge goes a long way. Call a professional for those persistent spots.

Call us when you are ready to experience the best in the business!!!

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

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Shampoo & Steam or Spray & Steam?

We like to shampoo and steam, a lot of our competitors spray and steam.

What does this mean?

We like to use a rotary shampoo machine to loosen and suspend soil in the carpeting. The shampoo works with a mild agitation, hitting all sides of the fibers. Then the carpeting is steam rinsed.

Our competitors like to pre spray a carpeting - meaning spray a product on top of the carpeting that is supposed to loosen on contact. Then use hot water extraction on the rug.

We believe that shampoo will do a better job of loosening soil and rinses cleaner than a pre spray. The rinse is the secret to long lasting results. Soap left in a carpeting attract dirt and leads to premature soiling.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


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Summer Time means Humidity and Odors

Why is it that odors we didn’t smell in the winter we smell now? Humidity brings out odors in your carpeting from past accidents. Humidity re activates that accident by your pet, child, maybe even some spilt milk. The spill or accident might have been cleaned from the surface but it is still lurking in your padding. The best way to attack this problem is with a professional cleaner. A professional cleaner cannot guarantee odor removal but he has certain methods to work with odor in the padding. I recommend working with a saturation method for odors in the pad. Mind you this is a method for spots not the entire carpeting.

We saturate a spot with an odor neutralizing solution, let the solution set for a little while so the solution settles into the pad, then the pad is extracted with a sub floor extractor to draw out the odor neutralizing solution. We have had good success with this method for odor removal.

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Dunne Cleaning has been in business for over 40 years and believes in only doing the highest quality of work. We do a cleaning and a rinsing.
Call us today to schedule an appointment.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

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If you wouldn't wait 2 years to change your sheets? Why wait so long to clean your carpeting?

You should clean you're carpeting annually. Higher trafficked rooms more frequently. Carpet warrantees specify that the carpet must be cleaned at least once every 18 months or the warrantee is voided. We drop skin, hair, dirt, etc into the carpeting. A cleaning with a rinse is not just recommended for warrantee but also for good health. When your ready give us a call . Carpet cleaning page.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


Whats lurking in your carpeting?

They didn't think I could get it clean and I did!

Quality carpet cleaning is hard to find. People are bombarded by flyers on a daily basis and who should I choose? I always say referrals are the best source to finding quality companies. The age of a business can also be a good indicator, longevity is rarely luck or by accident.

In these difficult times make sure you hire a quality company because there is a difference between saving money and wasting money.

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