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Spring is here clean your rug investment professionally

Spring is in the air. So let me ask you when did you last have your rug investments cleaned professionally? A professional cleaning involves a thorough dry soil removal process and then a cleaning and rinsing. These processes can not be completed in your home. A professional cleaner at his shop can do these things. Vacuuming is not a thorough dry soil removal process. A rug dusting procedure that a professional likes to employ consists of inspecting your rugs and then laying them upside down on top of some grates. These grates elevate the rug above the floor. Then a rug dusting machine is run over the baking. This machine loosens the dirt that has been impacted into the backing and the dirt falls through the grates and onto the floor.

The beauty of this process is first your vacuum cannot do this, secondly the rug is sitting above its dirt, not in its dirt. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has employed this process of dry soil removal for years and years. We have searched high and low and not found a better process than this.

Rugs are then cleaned and rinsed. Fringe on any rug is cleaned and rinsed by hand and then groomed by hand. Rugs are then hung in our drying area. After your rugs have dried they are reinspected. If more cleaning is needed we will do it, if not rugs are wrapped in brown paper either for delivery or ready for you to pick up.
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