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Summer odors from heat and humidity

Summer months with their heat and humidity can bring out odors that seemed slight before to strong now. Now is a great time to clean your carpeting. We can clean and rinse your carpeting and even put some deodorizer to help with the odor coming from the extreme humidity. Extreme humidity can awaken odors trapped deep in the carpeting. Cleaning and rinsing and the right kind of deodorizer can help alleviate this. We also have a sub floor extractor for those areas we can target. This sub floor extractor will rinse the pad and the carpeting thoroughly. We believe that these methods can really help with odor problems this time of year.

Cleaning is the healthy choice when odors come up. With our rinsing methods we are doing our best to remove and neutralize odors rather than mask them. Call today for a free in home estimate 866-674-7790.

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