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Want to save 20% on wood floor cleaning? Call in January!

Wood Floor Cleaning and Restoration is on sale now! In January receive 20% off. This is our best sale of the year! Call today. Wood floors need maintenance like anything else. We can do a deep cleaning process that can restore the beauty of your floors. We can also put a fresh coating of eurothane on your floor to help protect your floor from the elements. We will keep your wood floors looking their best.

Dunne Cleaning has over 50 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We believe in doing high quality work and only send the people we would allow in our own home to your home. We give free in home estimates. Our people come in uniform and the truck has our name on it and we are fully insured. When you want the best
call Dunne Cleaning Specialists.

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How do your wood floors look? Dull? We can help!

How are your wood floors looking? Not popping anymore? Wood floors can become dull over time. Traffic can take its toll. We put off restoration because of the mess from the sand ing and the odor from the coatings. You don't have too. We have a restoration process that requires no sanding. The coatings are an environmentally friendly low odor formula. You don't have to leave your home. The floors are dry in 2 hours, that's right 2 hours. You can get your floors restored with no dust, no mess, no odor and be back in service in 2 hours - wow!

Call today to get an in home inspection and see if your floors are a candidate for this process. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in the business of pleasing customers for almost 50 years.
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Are your Floors ready for Winter?

Winter is here. We track ice snow, water and salt into our home. These materials are not good for your wood floor. These materials can damage your wood floor. You may be maintaining your wood floors yourself. Wood floors need to be professionally maintained. A professional maintenance with include a deep cleaning of the wood with a wood floor cleaning machine. After the floor has been thoroughly cleaned then a new eurothane coating will be reapplied. The eurothane coating that your floor received when they were originally done does wear off and needs to be reapplied. The coating will protect your floor from the elements that are tracked into your home.

Call us today for a free in home estimate on wood floor cleaning. It is a simple process that dries in 2 hours. This process is easy on the customer and will help keep your floors looking their best. The process also extends the life of your floor. Who wants to go through a messy sanding process again. We had our floors done before we moved in. I would never want to do it while I was living there. Dust everywhere. Our process is clean, you don’t have to leave your home, no dust no mess.

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Wood Floor Cleaning Don't Do It Yourself!

Don’t clean your wood floors yourself you can do more harm then good. Doing it your self can lead to damaging of your wood floors. People have told me that they used steamers on wood floors. They forced live steam into their floor. The thought it was a good idea to clean this way because they were just using water - no chemicals. Steamers can damage floors. When working with wood and you want to make the wood more pliable, you use steam to weaken the wood so you can bend it. Weakening the wood is not a good idea. Potentially stripping some eurothane coating is not a good thing.

We use a multi step process to first safely deep clean your floor, with a machine designed to do this safely. After the cleaning process we can re-coat the floor with a clear eurothane water based coating in either satin or gloss. This coating is the same type of coating that was originally applied to your floor. This coating helps preserve and protect your floor. The best part is it dries in 2 hours and the furniture can be put back.

Give us a call about this sand less maintenance process. If you want us to call you click here.

For more information about hardwood floor cleaning click here, including what product to use in between maintenance click here.

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Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing

Our sandless procedure can restore your floors luster. We have a process that won’t mess up your home but will give you great results on your hardwood floors. We deep clean your floors with a multi step process, first to get out all the ground in dirt. Then we re-coat your floors with a satin or gloss coating to restore the look of your floor and to help protect it. This is a green product, made in the USA.

Your floors dry within 2 hours and then we can put your furniture back. No mess, no sanding, your house clean as before we arrived. More importantly your wood floors looking beautiful. We get your wood floors cleaned and refinished and back in service. This process is a great process to restore floors.
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