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Clean your sofa now, clean for health and appearance

Cleanliness is so important nowadays. What could be more important to clean than the piece of furniture that we spend the most time in at home. Our sofa. We watch tv sitting in it. We take naps in it. We come home from work and sit in it. Today we may even be working while sitting in it. The point is we use our sofa probably more than anything except our bed. In our bed we change the sheets on a regular basis. What do you do to freshen up your sofa?

We can clean and rinse the fabric on your sofa and other pieces of upholstery. We are one of the few who have machines and soaps specifically designed specifically for furniture most companies just put an attachment on their carpet machine and use the same solutions for the furniture as the carpeting. We specialize in cleaning furniture and are one of the few that do.

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You don't even know your furniture is dirty!

We spend more time on our furniture than we think. Long day at work, we come home and crash on the sofa. Watch some TV before we go to bed. Over time our furniture changes color. We notice stains and spots but it is hard to notice the subtle changes that occur over time. I would encourage you to put a white towel over a vacuum head and vacuum your furniture and look at the towel when you are finished. You might not like what you are seeing. We can help you with this problem.

Get your furniture cleaned and rinsed safely by a company with over 50 years of experience. Dunne Cleaning Specialists started back in 1969. We are family owned and operated. We will do the ob right the first time.
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Save 15% on Furniture Cleaning in January

Save 15% on furniture cleaning in the month of January with Dunne Cleaning Specialists. We are celebrating our 50th year in business this year! We are so proud to be serving the western suburbs of Chicago since 1969. We provide the best service in the Chicagoland area. Furniture has many different fabrics so cleaning of furniture isn't necessarily a one size fits all. Dunne Cleaning can use a number of different methods to clean your fabric. Our furniture is cleaned with machines designed for furniture cleaning. We don't use the same machine and solutions for cleaning your furniture as your carpeting. We are one of the few who specialize in furniture cleaning.

With over 50 years of experience cleaning furniture we are the right choice for your cleaning needs.
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Christmas is almost here is your furniture clean?

Christmas is right around the corner and how clean is your furniture? When was the last time you cleaned your furniture? We can get you all cleaned up and dried up and ready to go just call now. We clean upholstery and we give the best results possible. With company coming over and your furniture not looking its best we can help. Your furniture might even smell. You sit on your furniture and sweat thru your clothes. This sweat over time can cause your furniture to smell. A good cleaning can elevate this.

We have been in the cleaning industry for almost 50 years now. We have seen it all by now. Your issues won't surprise us. We give free in home estimates. We work 6 days a week - so yes we do Saturdays. We use many methods of cleaning and taylor the method to your type of fabric. With over 47 years of experience why call anyone else?

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Holidays are fast approaching time to clean your upholstery

It's November so its time to get ready for the holidays. How does your upholstery looking? How is your favorite spot to sit and watch television look? Sofa looking its best? How many spills are there on your sofa. How does it smell after a year or 2 full of naps? We can help with all these things. A sofa will smell fresh and clean after we go to work on it. You should clean your upholstery annually. When guest are arriving do you want them to smell your furniture before they see it? Call today we can help.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has ben around for over 47 years and we believe in quality cleaning. If you want your furniture cleaned, not just wet down then call us. We will give you the best job possible. Our experienced and well trained crews will deliver superior work everytime. If your not satisfied just call and we will come back and reclean the areas or the entire piece if necessary at no charge.

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When was the last time you cleaning your upholstery?

We spend a lot of our time laying on our upholstery. We work all day then plop down on the sofa in front of the tv. We take naps on the sofa or our favorite chair. When was the last time you cleaned your sofa? Rinsing out the fabric is a very healthy thing to do. Annual cleaning of the family room furniture could improve the health of your home. Give us a call today and schedule your free in home estimate. We will come out and look at your furniture. Cleaning is healthy call today.

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Stuck in the house sitting on dirty furniture? Clean now and save!

Your probably sitting on dirty furniture. When was the last time you had your furniture cleaned? If you haven't its time. If you can't remember its time. Family room furniture should be cleaned once a year. You get dust and sweat on your furniture overtime you sit on it. The furniture probably isn't even the same color it was when it was delivered and you don't even know it because the change happened so slowly over time.

Take your vacuum hose put a white towel on it and vacuum your furniture. How does the town look? Not good eh?
Give us a call, and we can clean and rinse your dirty furniture. Why sit on dirty furniture when you can get it cleaned - how healthy is sitting on dirty furniture? We can help you out, call Dunne Cleaning Specialists today for a free estimate. Family owned and operated since 1969.

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Winter savings on the Upholstery you sit on! Clean Now and Save

We spend most of our time at home sitting and laying on our upholstery. Our whole body is touching the upholstery. When was the last time you cleaned your upholstery? Upholstery should be cleaned once a year, if you clean nothing at least clean the furniture you sit in, in front of your television. One of the things I always do is wrap a white towel around a vacuum and vacuum the furniture. If the white towel becomes visibly dirty you should think about cleaning the furniture. Remember that you are sitting in your own sweat and dirt that rubs off you and your clothes and onto the furniture. Clean for health as well as appearance. Sometimes the furniture doesn't look visibly dirty but it is because you don't notice because it has changed color slowly over time and you just didn't notice it. So if you can't remember call today for a free cleaning estimate.

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Better late than never - clean your furniture its flu season

Better late than never. Call today for an appointment to clean your upholstered furniture. Furniture is a fabric, fabrics need to be cleaned. We are in the middle of flu season. Family members and friends sneezing all over your home. Laying there on your sofa watching tv. Might be a good time to clean your furniture. Disinfect your home because this year was an especially bad year for the flu. Cleaning and rinsing your furniture can help.

We use heated water and solutions that clean and rinse the fabric. This can keep your home healthier. Sick days are never fun. Who can afford them anyway, so best to avoid them. Step one is making sure you have a clean home. Clean your furniture, vacuuming your furniture is not the same as cleaning and rinsing your furniture.

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A healthy home is a happy home
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Dunne Cleaning Specialists
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Vacuum your clothes and where them? You do it with your furniture all the time. Seem Healthy?

Too many people never clean their furniture. This is something I can never figure out. While I know the furniture doesn’t show the dirt as readily as carpeting or rugs but we have more contact with the furniture. We nap on the furniture. We lay on the furniture for hours, days, and yes years. We sweat on the furniture. Spill on the furniture.

Then we vacuum the furniture. Would you just vacuum your clothes? How comfortable would you feel with vacuuming your clothes and wearing them again? I sure wouldn’t how about you? You are probably doing it now. Call today for a free estimate. You should be cleaning your furniture on an annual basis. Sounds a lot healthier than never doesn’t it?

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for almost half a century, since 1969. Let us assist you in having not just a beautiful home but the healthiest home we can give you.
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Make Sure You Maintain Your Upolstery

Maintaining your upholstery is very important. Upholstery should be maintained on a regular basis. You sit in front of your TV after you have come home from work. You sweat during the day and this sweat is in your clothes. This sweat is then transferred onto your upholstery. You change your sheets on a regular basis. Do you clean your upholstery? How comfortable would you be with sleeping on the same sheets for a month let alone 2 years or longer? That is what you are doing with your upholstery. So clean your upholstery on a regular basis and stay clean. Clean is healthy.

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What is Lurking In Your Upholstery?

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How fresh does your Upholstery smell?

When was the last time you cleaned your upholstery. That sofa you sit on and watch television, how fresh is it? You work all day and then sit down in your favorite spot. Your cloths have sweat on them. The sweat transfers to the sofa or chair. After a time your furniture isn’t so fresh anymore. The holidays are fast approaching don’t you want your furniture to be at it’s best and smell great. You might not be able to smell your furniture but your guests will.

Upholstery should be cleaned every year and at least every 24 months according to manufacturers. We have more contact with our furniture than we have with our rugs and carpeting. Yet most people never clean their upholstery, ever. Upholstery can become dingy and wear out prematurely without proper maintenance. Get your furniture cleaned professionally every 12 to 24 months.

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Clean for Health - Clean for those most important to you.

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