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Stuck at home how does your carpeting look? We can help

Stuck at home? How clean is your home? Take a look at your carpeting. We are spending more time in our home than ever in these times. One of the keys to health is a clean environment, Let us help you with that. Dunne Cleaning has been helping people keep their indoor environment for over 50 years. We do the job right the first time. We can get you cleaned up and get you into a healthy indoor environment. Healthy clean is what we specialize in.

Some companies are selling "dry" carpet cleaning. We sell cleaning and rinsing. In this environment why would you let anyone into your home that doesn't rinse? The biggest problem with dry cleaning is there is no rinse? How can a cleaning be healthy without a rinse. If you soaped up and wiped your body off with a towel would you feel healthy? Probably not. Hire Dunne Cleaning and get a cleaning and a rinsing. Rinsing is the healthiest part of the cleaning.

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