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When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

With the fall approaching we will all be turning our heat on. Now is the time to get your heating system ready for the winter. Ready to be running day and night. How do you do this? You get your heating system ready by cleaning your air ducts. Why is this important? Its important because your air ducts circulate the air you breath. If your air ducts are dirty you are circulating dirty air throughout your home. You are trapped inside your home with the windows all closed up breathing the quality of air that is circulated throughout your air duct system. Better to be trapped inside with clean air than dirty air. Clean ducts make a much healthier home.

Call today for a free in home inspection of your air duct system. We give free estimates. Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry since 1969. Thats almost 50 years. We believe in performing the highest quality of work. Our technicians come in uniform and the truck has our name on it. Our employees are criminal background checked. When your interested in hiring the best and getting the best cleaning call us.

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