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Holidays are fast approaching time to clean your upholstery

It's November so its time to get ready for the holidays. How does your upholstery looking? How is your favorite spot to sit and watch television look? Sofa looking its best? How many spills are there on your sofa. How does it smell after a year or 2 full of naps? We can help with all these things. A sofa will smell fresh and clean after we go to work on it. You should clean your upholstery annually. When guest are arriving do you want them to smell your furniture before they see it? Call today we can help.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has ben around for over 47 years and we believe in quality cleaning. If you want your furniture cleaned, not just wet down then call us. We will give you the best job possible. Our experienced and well trained crews will deliver superior work everytime. If your not satisfied just call and we will come back and reclean the areas or the entire piece if necessary at no charge.

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Rug Dusting can preserve your rugs and make them last longer

In Plant rug cleaning is the best way to clean your rugs. Cleaning your area rugs on the floor in your home is just not the most professional way to clean them. The care that rugs need cannot be applied in the home. Rug cleaning should be a multi step process. A true rug cleaning multi step process needs to include rug dusting. Dry soil removal is a very important part of the rug cleaning process.

Dirt gets trapped in the backing of wool rugs. Wool under the microscope is a very jagged fiber. Wool is not a smooth fiber like nylon. The jagged part of the fiber can help keep dirt trapped in the rug. Your regular vacuuming can have a hard time getting the dirt out of a rug. A professional process is what it takes.

If you don't get the dry soil out of your rug that soil can damage your rug by cutting the fibers like little knives and allowing dirt to fill in to the inner portion of the fibers. The more the dirt fills into the inner portion of the fiber the harder the rug is to clean and the sooner the rug can ugly out.

Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists for the best in rug cleaning. We give discounts for rugs that are dropped off at our shop + we also have rug pick up service. We can pick your rugs up and also relay them for you.

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Clean your Ducts for a Healty Home

Fall season is here and we are getting ready to turn on our heat soon. We just turned off our air conditioning. Now is the best time to clean your air ducts. Air duct cleaning should be completed every three to five years. Air duct cleaning should be completed after remodeling or sanding in the home. Remodeling and sanding to prepare walls for painting can kick up a lot of dust, which can get sucked into the vents. Got your floors refinished? Then you probably need your air ducts cleaned.

Air ducts can become flooded with particles from the remodeling process. These particles can be circulated throughout the home through the vents. You can be breathing these particles. Cleaning the air ducts can help with this.

Call us today for a free in home inspection to get the cleanest ducts.

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Clean your carpets annually but make sure you get a rinse

Carpeting should be cleaned annually to keep it looking its best. A good cleaning needs to have a rinse. Rinsing is the key to carpets staying cleaner longer. A rinse removes the debris trapped in the backing of the carpeting - cleaning from the top down. Not just the tips of the carpeting. Experience has taught us that only a complete cleaning can give our customers the longevity their carpets need.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is one of the most experienced cleaning companies in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Call us today for an appointment. We started back in 1969 and haven't looked back.

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