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Cleaning your carpeting for health is the number one reason to do it!

In todays world we really know that cleaning for health is important. Cleaning your carpeting after it looks "appreciatively dirty" is a mistake. Cleaning your carpeting for health is a priority today. Get your carpeting cleaned annually, more used areas semiannually. Cleaning for health is a priority. Dunne Cleaning has always been about cleaning for health as well as appearance. We have spent the last 50 years developing our systems to accomplish this. Healthy clean is always on the top of our list. How do we do this? Its not a secret we clean and RINSE. The rinse is the most important part of the cleaning. 50 years of rinsing carpeting. Call today for a free estimate from the western suburbs best and healthiest cleaners 708-345-0922.

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New Happenings at Dunne Cleaning Specialists Rug Cleaning Facilities

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is first rebranding our rug cleaning services as Dunne Area Rug Cleaning. This is a change that has been long time coming. We have been cleaning rugs from around the world for over 50 years. Over the last 60 days we have upgraded our facilities to better serve you our customer. We are proud to say we now boast the most modern rug cleaning equipment in the western suburbs! Most rug cleaning facilities have equipment developed in the 50's. The equipment is based on your great grandmothers washing machine. Rugs are washed and rinsed and then fed through a set of rollers to wring out the rug. This process can leave a rug very wet, especially fringes. This can make a rug more vulnerable during the drying phase. Our modern equipment abandons the wringer and replaces it with a centrifuge like your modern washing machine like you buy today. The rug is spun at 1200 rpm's extracting the majority of the water out and also has a rinse cycle as part of the centrifuge process flushing fresh water through the rug and out the centrifuge. Rugs that are put through a drying process with a centrifuge are practically dry when the leave the centrifuge. Most rugs leave the centrifuge registering less than 1% moisture on a moisture meter. We can clean and dry your rug making for a thorough cleaning and safety during the drying process. Call today 708-345-0922.

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