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Spot Removal - when to quit

Spot removal is a science and you have to understand that sometimes spots are stains. Spots can be removed, stains cannot be removed they are permanent. I always tell my employees "it's the customers stain our hole." Know when to back off, scrubbing and dumping spotter into a stain doesn't necessarily make a stain become a spot. The first step is to scrape, gently, any material off the carpeting. Then blot the carpeting. I use paper towels. I fold up the towels and stand on the damp areas. The towels become wet and I throw them in the garbage can. I keep repeating the process, no matter how it takes - be patient, until the towels are dry after I stand on them. Then I use a spotter. The spotter is applied to a towel and wiped across the spot, working towards the center of the spot. You don't want to spread the spot or make it larger. after applying the spotter we blot again. The key his after these steps the spot may still be there. Sometimes a spot can be removed by rinsing the spot with a steam machine that uses heat. Some spots won't come out without rinsing. Some spots are really stains and never come out. How do you know? Until you work on them you never know. The impotent thing is to know when to quit so you don't make it worse or create a hole. For more information about how to work on spots click here.

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