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What is the secret to good Air Duct Cleaning?

The secret to good air duct cleaning is making sure you have a company that uses a good vacuum and agitation system to clean out your vents. A vacuum run by a gasoline motor must be put outside, with a large vacuum hose. Power Air whips must be run through each vent, not just have air blown thru each vent but a power whip run through each vent. Some companies just feed a couple of vents, you need each and every vent cleaned to get a complete job. If you just clean a couple of vents the vents you do not clean will recontaminate the vents that were cleaned. So hire a company with an established reputation for quality. Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc.

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What is the secret to good carpet cleaning?

The secret to good carpet cleaning is a good rinse. Rinsing is healthy. Would you put soap on your hair and wipe your hair off with a towel? No. Make sure when you hire a company they do a good rinse. If soap is left in the rug it can re soil rapidly and besides soap loosens the dirt, if there is no rinse where does the dirt go? No where but the back of the rug to resurface later with a vengeance. If your carpet cleaner forgets the rinse then forget him. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has believed in rinsing carpeting for over 40 years.

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