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Don't do it yourself call a pro for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning at its finest. Call Dunne Cleaning Specialists 708-345-0922. Always hire a pro when you need your carpeting cleaned. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been around for over 50 years. Family owned and operated. Remember don't do it yourself call a pro!

Big announcements Coming! We are so excited we can't wait to tell everyone!

Some Big Announcements Coming over the next few months!! Dunne Cleaning hasn't been sitting on our laurels during this pandemic. We have been investing in our company to improve our services and grow! We believe in our 52 year old company and are so thankful for the continued support of our great customers who continue to use us! So stay tuned its full speed ahead for Dunne Cleaning big things coming! #dunnecleaning #rugcleaning #westernspring #lagrange #OakBrook #hinsdale #burrridge #riverside #elmhurst #oakpark #riverforest #darien #westmont #downersgrove

Spring Sale Save $50.00 on Air Duct Cleaning - Call Today!

Spring Sale $50.00 Off Air Duct Cleaning. Call today! Dunne Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated and gives free in home estimates. We are spending more time than ever inside. Now is a great time to get your air ducts cleaned.

Get your ducts cleaned and start breathing easier today! We send out 2 man crews that arrive in uniform. The truck will have our name on it. All crew members are employees of Dunne Cleaning we do not employ subcontractors. We believe in high quality and superior customer service.

Breath easier by getting your air ducts cleaned today. Dunne Cleaning will get the job done right. Call today 866-674-7790.

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Spring Sale Save 25% on Cash and Carry Rug Cleaning

Spring In Plant Rug Cleaning Sale! Save 25% if you drop off and pick up at our shop. Rugs are better to be cleaned in our plant. We can give your rug a lot of personal attention in our shop. Rugs are cleaned thoroughly.

We put each rug through a thorough rug dusting process. Just vacuuming a rug will not get a substantial amount of dirt. Rugs are slayed face down on some grates and the rug dusting machine is run on the backing. This machine gently agitates the backing and the dirt falls out of the rug through the grates onto the floor. Then we vacuum the back of the rug with a vacuum with a beater brush. Next we flip the rug over and vacuum the face yarn with a pile lifer vacuum.

The rug is then cleaned and rinsed. Fringe is cleaned and rinsed. We then groom the rugs and the fringe. Rugs are then put into our drying area. After drying the rugs are brought down and inspected. If more cleaning is needed we will do this. If no more cleaning is needed, then the rug is wrapped in brown paper either for you to pick up or for the rug to be delivered.

Right now we can give you the choice to
save 25% and do the lifting or let us come over and get your rugs clean them and bring them back.

Call today 708-345-0922.

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Spring Carpet Cleaning Special 10% off!!

Spring is on the way. The snow piles are gone. Time to get started on Spring Cleaning! Carpet Cleaning is on sale right now! Save 10% off your cleaning, Call today 866-674-7790! We do a multistep method that cleans and rinses your carpeting. This is the healthiest way to clean. How can any method that doesn't include a rinse be healthy? We have developed the best methods of cleaning over a half century.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists is locally owned and family run. We have 3 generations working here to serve your cleaning needs. We do the best work in the western suburbs!

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