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Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned!

Duct cleaning is a very healthy thing to do to your home. During these difficult and challenging times having a healthy home is a great thing to have. Have your air ducts clean and breath easy. Dunne Cleaning has over 50 years of experience. You can trust us to do the job right the first time! We believe in superior customer service and are family owned and operated. Dunne Cleaning takes pride in our work and we have family that have used us for multiple generations for all their cleaning needs.

We believe in first feeding all your vents. Most companies just simply blow through the face of the vent and employ a wet dry vac in the cleaning process. We feed a power whip throughout your system that is hooked to an industrial compressor mounted in our truck. Our vacuum is not a wet dry vac but an industrial gas powered vacuum that sits outside the home. Our crew comes out in uniform and the truck has our name on it. We wear masks for our safety and your safety during these challenging times.

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