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Heat is going on soon are you ready? When did you last clean your air ducts?

Getting ready to turn your heat on soon? When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? Dirty air ducts can spread dirt and debris throughout the home. Once the heat goes on the windows and doors close. When its gets cold we spend less time outdoors and more time indoors in a sealed environment. This indoor environment is less healthy than we would like it to be. Clean air ducts can circulate cleaner air. A clean air duct system contributes to a healthy home. Clean your air ducts on a regular basis.

Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in business for over 50 years. We deliver quality work and deliver superior customer service. Dunne Cleaning is locally owned and family run. We send out 2 man crews who come out in uniform in a truck with our name on it. Most air duct cleaning companies are the "go and blow" type. They charge you to clean your ducts and they only clean out your wallet without ever improving your indoor air quality. Choose wisely when picking an air duct cleaning company. All cleaning companies are not the same. Cleaning the air ducts is only healthy as long as you choose a company that finds it important to do a good job. That is why Dunne Cleaning has been around for over 50 years.

Call Dunne Cleaning today for a free in home estimate 708-345-0922. We will come out for free look over your air duct system and give you a price in writing that will not change. No bait and switch with us. We will explain what we can do for you and how we will do it.

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Cleaner homes help keep you mentally healthy too

Keeping your home clean also has a positive effect on your mental health and you can even sleep better according to some studies. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been helping people keep clean homes for over 51 years. We are family owned and operated since 1969. We believe in doing superior work along with outstanding customer service. Call today for a free in home estimate on our many services 866-674-7790. Carpet cleaning is on sale right now 10% OFF!

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Summer odors from heat and humidity

Summer months with their heat and humidity can bring out odors that seemed slight before to strong now. Now is a great time to clean your carpeting. We can clean and rinse your carpeting and even put some deodorizer to help with the odor coming from the extreme humidity. Extreme humidity can awaken odors trapped deep in the carpeting. Cleaning and rinsing and the right kind of deodorizer can help alleviate this. We also have a sub floor extractor for those areas we can target. This sub floor extractor will rinse the pad and the carpeting thoroughly. We believe that these methods can really help with odor problems this time of year.

Cleaning is the healthy choice when odors come up. With our rinsing methods we are doing our best to remove and neutralize odors rather than mask them. Call today for a free in home estimate 866-674-7790.

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Clean your sofa now, clean for health and appearance

Cleanliness is so important nowadays. What could be more important to clean than the piece of furniture that we spend the most time in at home. Our sofa. We watch tv sitting in it. We take naps in it. We come home from work and sit in it. Today we may even be working while sitting in it. The point is we use our sofa probably more than anything except our bed. In our bed we change the sheets on a regular basis. What do you do to freshen up your sofa?

We can clean and rinse the fabric on your sofa and other pieces of upholstery. We are one of the few who have machines and soaps specifically designed specifically for furniture most companies just put an attachment on their carpet machine and use the same solutions for the furniture as the carpeting. We specialize in cleaning furniture and are one of the few that do.

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Get Your Air Duct Cleaned

Cleaning is healthy. The air you are breathing in your home may not be healthy. When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? We are trapped in the summer in our homes. Hiding from the heat. A clean home is a healthy home. A healthy home has taken on a new meaning in these challenging times. Don't just get your air ducts cleaned make sure you have a good company do the cleaning. If health is important then don't hire a blow and go company. We are in our 51st year in business. We are family owned and operated.

Dunne Cleaning has been doing quality work for over 50 years that is why we are still here. We have cleaned for several generations of our customers. The quality of work is why our customers hire us. The level of customer service is why they keep coming back and recommending us. We get most of our work through word of mouth and from several town pages when someone asks for a recommendation we are always high on everybody's list. We are very proud of these things.

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Stuck at home how does your carpeting look? We can help

Stuck at home? How clean is your home? Take a look at your carpeting. We are spending more time in our home than ever in these times. One of the keys to health is a clean environment, Let us help you with that. Dunne Cleaning has been helping people keep their indoor environment for over 50 years. We do the job right the first time. We can get you cleaned up and get you into a healthy indoor environment. Healthy clean is what we specialize in.

Some companies are selling "dry" carpet cleaning. We sell cleaning and rinsing. In this environment why would you let anyone into your home that doesn't rinse? The biggest problem with dry cleaning is there is no rinse? How can a cleaning be healthy without a rinse. If you soaped up and wiped your body off with a towel would you feel healthy? Probably not. Hire Dunne Cleaning and get a cleaning and a rinsing. Rinsing is the healthiest part of the cleaning.

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