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Spring is approaching - time to get your air ducts cleaned!!

Spring is approaching fast time to start your spring cleaning. You have been cooped up in your home all winter. The environment has become less healthy over the winter and a good cleaning and rinsing of the carpeting could help. Remember don't just clean, rinse also. Rinsing is healthy and most companies don't do it to save time and make more money.

Hire a company that believes in healthy cleaning. Healthy cleaning involves a rinse. Why would you clean and not rinse? Would you soap up a shirt and wipe it off with a towel? I don't think so. Always hire the best you can and you will never be disappointed.

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Had some construction lately? Have you cleaned your air ducts out yet?

After a construction or remodeling job you should get your air ducts cleaned. A lot of dust can be created during a remodeling project. Especially in the winter. Why in the winter you ask? You need the heat on and when the heats on the air circulates throughout the home. The dust that is bing stirred up in one room travels through the system by being sucked through the returns, passing through the furnace and back out the supply side moving dust and debris such as saw dust, from the rooms that are being worked on to the rooms that are not being worked on.

Dust and debris also travels through out the home on the works themselves, when you are using a table was or sanding, even if done outside the home, the debris becomes attached to the workers clothes and is then distributed throughout the home. This doesn't make the workers negligent just subject to the laws of gravity.

When the job is finished have your air ducts cleaned and finish the job of right.

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Carpet cleaning today! Call now and save!!

Now is a great time to get your carpeting cleaned. We are running our best sales of the year. Call now and save 20% on con home carpet cleaning through February 28th, 2013, see our coupon page for details.

Keeping your home clean this time of year is a great thing to do because not only will you save money but it will help you keep your home healthy. This time of year is flu season. What better time of year to remain clean? Bacteria and allergens inside your home, with you and your family cooped up inside. Clean now and keep your indoor environment healthy.

Call today and get started on improving your indoor environment.

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