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In Need of Air Duct Cleaning? Choose Us!

Need Air Duct cleaning? If you do you should give us the opportunity to give you a free in home estimate. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated by 3 generations. This is our 53rd year in business. We believe in only doing the highest quality of work. We receive the highest recommendations from many of our customers on social media sites. When people ask who they would recommend to do cleaning Dunne Cleaning Specialists is one of the most frequently mentioned names. Choose us for all your cleaning needs and you won't look back.

Most companies just blow through your vents we will feed a power whip to loosen soil so our vacuum can take the loosened soil outside into the collection bag. We feed our whips down vents and trunklines and deliver the quality that others talk about. John Dunne does all the duct cleaning and has over 30 years of experience. You won't get a more experienced air duct cleaner anywhere.

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Family Owned & Operated
By 3 Generations
"Since 1969"

Clean your area rugs today!

Dunne Area Rug Cleaning is a division of Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc. Rug Cleaning is what we do! We have been cleaning for over 50 years. Dunne Area Rug Cleaning is family owned and operated by 3 generations. We take pride in our work. Trust us with your expensive rugs and experience our beautiful results!

We provide pick up and delivery and give a discount for those that want to drop off and pick up their rugs. One of the most important part of rug cleaning is the rinsing! We clean and RINSE your rug. We work on all spots to attempt removal. Mans best friend not behaving? Let us take care of it.
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Can carpet cleaning cause mold?

Carpet cleaning done properly no but done improperly yes. It is very important who you hire to do your cleaning. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in the cleaning industry for over 53 years. We are family owned and operated and with over 50 years of experience we do the job right. Our dedication to quality and customer service is why we are still here after over 50 years. Dunne Cleaning Specialists gives free in home estimates - this is part of our personal touch. Call today 708-345-0922.

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Allergy sufferers should get their air ducts cleaned

Allergy sufferers can get relief from duct cleaning. The key to getting relief from duct cleaning is who you choose to perform the work for you. The methods employed can either improve the indoor air quality to varying levels or make it much worse. Duct cleaning is not a generic quantity like soap or bananas. Duct cleaning is performed in many different ways by companies with varying levels of pride. Dunne Cleaning Specialists is a 53 year old family run company with 3 generations of Dunne's involved in the company. We understand what the word pride means. Dunne Cleaning takes pride in all of our services. This is why the vast majority of our new customers come from word of mouth and the new word of mouth town and local mom facebook pages. People like us and especially like our work. We deliver modern quality along with our old fashioned customer service.

That quality of work is what makes us different. Many duct cleaners are blow and go companies. What does this mean? It means that these companies are excellent and parting your money from you but inferior with parting the dirt from your air ducts. Hire a company that will get the job done right the first time. We have cleaned for many generations of families who hand our name down to their children as they grow up and buy their homes.
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